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About Chad and Chelsea: The Heart of Parent Intel

Our Journey to Parenting Expertise

Hi! We’re Chad and Chelsea Montgomery, the creators and driving forces behind Parent Intel. As parents to three energetic boys aged 7, 4, and 3, we’ve navigated the exhilarating, challenging, and rewarding world of parenting. Our adventure through the twists and turns of raising children in Vancouver, B.C., has equipped us with hands-on experience and practical insights that are the bedrock of Parent Intel.

Building Credibility Through Experience and Recognition

Through our everyday experiences and challenges we’ve built up our parenting experience – 3 kids is not a cakewalk! Our life is a constant learning process, balancing outdoor activities, sports, and family life, and we bring all these learnings to you. Our insights and advice have caught the attention of notable publications. We’re proud to have been quoted by Woman’s Day, NY Magazine’s The Strategist, and the Globe and Mail. These recognitions reinforce our commitment to providing valuable, real-world parenting advice.

The Essence of Parent Intel: More Than Just a Website

Parent Intel isn’t just a website; it’s a resource, a community, and a support system for parents worldwide. At its core, Parent Intel is about making the lives of fellow parents a little bit easier every day. Whether it’s tackling toddler tantrums, navigating school challenges, or finding the best outdoor activities for your family, we’re here to share our stories, advice, and tips.

Our Vision: Empowering Parents Every Step of the Way

Our vision for Parent Intel is to create a space where parents can find answers, inspiration, and confidence in their parenting journey. We believe in empowerment through shared experiences and knowledge. Whether you’re a new parent or have been in the game for years, we aim to provide you with the tools and insights to enhance your family life.

Our Backstory: From Parents to Parenting Guides

Our journey to creating Parent Intel began with the birth of our first son. We quickly realized that parenting is a unique adventure for everyone, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Over the years, as our family grew, so did our understanding and approach to parenting. We started Parent Intel to share our experiences and learn from others, creating a positive cycle of learning and sharing.

Chad And Chelsea Co-Founders of Parent Intel

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Quoted By Woman’s Day
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Had our pregnancy games article linked to by Momtastic.com
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Written a West Coast road trip guide for Amateur Traveler
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