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New Parents Advice

Helping you with your new bundle of joy

New Parents Advice For Labour, Delivery and Beyond

A monster list of 201 parenting tips organized into convenient categories. We would love to hear your ideas on what we missed so we can add them to the list and help give new parents advice on raising their kids.

There were things we had no idea were going to happen during labour despite birthing classes and lots of stories from family. Check out the infographic at the bottom of the list too!

10 things that we didn’t know would happen after our baby was born. We were given lots of advice before our first but even after 3 babies, we were still learning. There is a great infographic at the bottom too.

Financial Advice For New Parents


We compared the biggest national retailers in Canada to give you a detailed look at the price of diapers in Canada. Helping new parents with advice on where to buy diapers and how much to budget for their cost.

Saving For Education Coming Soon.

Our next article coming to you shortly will be on saving for your child’s education. This will include expert opinions from a couple of the biggest personal finance sites. Stay tuned.

More Coming Soon

We will have plenty more articles coming your way soon.


New Parents Advice
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