Disney Plus For Toddlers: Your Ultimate Guide

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Disney Plus For Toddlers

Introduction: Disney Plus for Toddlers

Disney Plus has swiftly become a household name in the realm of streaming platforms, offering a vast array of entertainment options. For parents with toddlers, this platform stands out as a treasure trove of content that is both engaging and suitable for young viewers. Its extensive library includes timeless Disney classics, which have charmed generations, alongside modern favourites tailored for the little ones.

One of the standout features of Disney Plus is its collection of shows and movies that resonate with toddlers. Shows like “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” not only capture the imagination of toddlers but also offer educational content in a fun and interactive format. These shows are designed to be more than just entertainment; they play a role in the early developmental stages of children by introducing concepts such as numbers, colours, and basic problem-solving skills.

Moreover, Disney Plus provides a safe and controlled environment for toddlers to explore their favourite characters and stories. With a user-friendly interface and robust parental control options, parents can easily navigate and select appropriate content, ensuring a worry-free viewing experience for their little ones. This combination of quality, educational content, and safety features makes Disney Plus an ideal choice for families with toddlers, offering entertainment that is both enjoyable and beneficial.

Cartoon illustration of a parent and toddler enjoying Disney Plus on TV, sitting on a couch in a cozy, family-friendly living room.

Why Disney Plus is a Great Choice for Toddlers

Disney Plus stands out as an exceptional choice for toddlers due to its extensive range of age-appropriate content that caters to the unique needs and interests of young children. The platform is home to a plethora of classic Disney movies that have been beloved for generations, such as “The Lion King,” “Cinderella,” and “The Little Mermaid.” These classics provide timeless stories filled with engaging characters and moral lessons, making them perfect for young, impressionable viewers.

In addition to these classics, Disney Plus offers a variety of popular shows specifically designed for toddlers. Shows like “Puppy Dog Pals” and “Doc McStuffins” are not only entertaining but also educational, introducing concepts like friendship, teamwork, and empathy in a manner that is relatable and easy to understand for toddlers. The inclusion of such content ensures that parents can find shows that are not only fun but also contribute positively to their child’s development.

Parental controls are another significant aspect that makes Disney Plus a suitable platform for toddlers. These controls allow parents to manage what their children watch, ensuring they are exposed only to content that is appropriate for their age. The platform’s ease of use is also a major plus, with a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for parents to navigate and select shows or movies. This combination of a wide range of toddler-friendly content, robust parental controls, and user-friendliness positions Disney Plus as a top choice for families seeking quality entertainment for their young children.

Navigating Disney Plus with toddlers can be a delightful and educational experience if approached correctly. Here are some tips for parents to maximize the benefits of this streaming platform for their young children:

1. Finding Age-Appropriate Content

Disney Plus Search On Mobile Phones
Disney Plus Search On Mobile Phones
Disney Plus Search On Desktop
Disney Plus Search On Desktop
  • Utilize the Search Feature: Disney Plus has a user-friendly search function. Simply type in keywords like ‘toddlers,’ ‘preschool,’ or the names of your favourite characters to find suitable shows and movies.
  • Explore Collections: Disney Plus categorizes content into collections, making it easier to find age-appropriate series and films. Look for collections like ‘Disney Junior’ or ‘Preschool’ for content tailored for younger viewers.

2. Using Disney Plus’s Kids Profiles

  • Create a Kids Profile: Set up a dedicated profile for your toddler. This ensures they only see content that is appropriate for their age group.
  • Customization: Customize the profile with fun avatars and names. This makes the experience more engaging for toddlers.
  • Junior Mode: Ensure the profile is in ‘Junior Mode,’ which limits content to titles appropriate for children under 7 years old. This is a setting you can toggle on when creating a new Disney Plus profile, see the screenshot below.
During account creation, be sure to toggle on Junior Mode

3. Parental Controls

  • Set Profile Pins: For profiles you don’t want your child to have access to, such as your own account with all available Disney Plus content. You can set a PIN to access those profiles.
  • Junior Mode: As we pointed out in the last step, ensure Junior Mode is turned on for your child’s profile. That will ensure only appropriate titles are available for viewing.
  • Kid-Proof Exit: Disney Plus profiles also have a parental control setting called Kid-proof Exit which makes it harder to leave Junior Mode by asking a simple question when attempting to leave it.
Disney Plus Parental Controls
Parental Controls Available On Disney Plus

4. Interactive Viewing

  • Watch Together: Spend time watching Disney Plus with your toddler. This can be a bonding experience and also gives you a chance to discuss the content.
  • Educational Opportunities: Use the shows as a tool for learning. Pause to ask questions or explain concepts to enhance their understanding.

5. Balancing Screen Time

  • Establish Routines: Set specific times for watching Disney Plus, ensuring it doesn’t interfere with other important activities like outdoor play, reading, or family time.
  • Encourage a Variety of Activities: Balance screen time with other forms of entertainment and learning to ensure a well-rounded daily routine.

By following these tips, parents can effectively navigate Disney Plus with their toddlers, making it a valuable resource for entertainment and learning. It’s about finding the right content, setting appropriate boundaries, and engaging with your child to make the most of the Disney Plus experience.

Cartoon illustration of toddlers in a playroom, excitedly watching a Disney show on TV, surrounded by plush toys.

Top Disney Plus Picks for Toddlers

Disney Plus offers a wealth of shows and movies that are perfect for toddlers, blending entertainment with educational value. Here are some top picks that stand out for their appeal to young children:

1. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

“Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” is an interactive, CGI-animated series that stars the iconic Mickey Mouse and his friends – Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto.

Each episode revolves around a specific problem or challenge that Mickey and his friends need to solve, often requiring the help of the young viewers at home.

The show employs a recurring set of tools known as the “Mouseketools,” which are used to overcome obstacles and teach children about problem-solving and teamwork.


The show excels in its blend of fun, engaging characters and educational content. The interactive aspect, where characters talk directly to viewers and ask for their help, keeps toddlers engaged and mentally active. The use of bright colours, catchy songs, and simple yet captivating storylines makes it a hit among young viewers.

Micky Mouse Clubhouse is our kids’ favourite show on Disney Plus. It’s a fun show with lots of engaging activities and interaction with your kids while you watch.

Educational Value

It teaches basic math skills, shapes, and problem-solving. The show also introduces early concepts of time, counting, and comparison, making it an excellent tool for cognitive development.

Why It’s Great for Toddlers

The combination of beloved characters, interactive elements, and foundational learning skills makes “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” a top pick for parents. It’s a show that toddlers can watch, learn from, and participate in actively.

2. Doc McStuffins

This imaginative series is centered around a young girl, Dottie ‘Doc’ McStuffins, who dreams of being a doctor like her mom and runs a clinic for toys from her playhouse.

The toys come to life with the magic of her stethoscope, allowing Doc to interact and care for them. Each episode features Doc diagnosing toy patients with various ailments, which are often metaphors for real-life issues.

The show also incorporates songs and dances that emphasize healthy habits and emotional resilience.


“Doc McStuffins” is a groundbreaking show that not only entertains but also teaches important life lessons. It stands out for its portrayal of a strong, intelligent, and compassionate young girl as the lead character. The storytelling is simple yet effective, with each episode presenting a unique problem and solution.

Educational Value

The show teaches empathy and care for others, which are crucial emotional intelligence skills. It also introduces basic medical concepts and healthy habits, such as the importance of regular check-ups and cleanliness.

Why It’s Great for Toddlers

The show is perfect for toddlers due to its gentle approach to teaching about care and empathy. It also encourages imaginative play, as children often mimic the show by ‘treating’ their own toys. This makes it not only a source of entertainment but also a tool for developing nurturing skills.

3. Puppy Dog Pals

Bingo and Rolly, two fun-loving pug puppies, are the stars of “Puppy Dog Pals.” They embark on adventures in their neighbourhood and around the world when their owner, Bob, leaves the house.

Their missions are often driven by questions or problems that arise, leading them to exciting locales and teaching them new things about different cultures and environments. Their adventures are filled with humour, catchy songs, and important lessons about friendship and problem-solving.


“Puppy Dog Pals” is a delightful and adventurous show that captivates toddlers with its fun-loving characters and vibrant animation. Each episode is filled with humour and excitement, making it highly engaging for a young audience. The adventures are imaginative and often provide a light-hearted introduction to different cultures and places around the world.

Educational Value

It focuses on themes of friendship, problem-solving, and exploration. The show introduces geographical and cultural knowledge in a simple, easily digestible manner for toddlers.

Why It’s Great for Toddlers

The show’s exploration of different parts of the world can spark curiosity in young minds about geography and cultures. Additionally, the emphasis on friendship and teamwork is valuable for developing social skills. The fun and playful nature of “Puppy Dog Pals” make it a wonderful pick for keeping toddlers entertained while subtly educating them about the world.

4. The Lion King

“The Lion King” is an epic animated film that follows the story of Simba, a lion prince destined to be king of the Pride Lands. After the tragic death of his father, Mufasa, and the deceit of his uncle, Scar, Simba is forced into exile.

With the help of new friends Timon and Pumbaa, he grows up in the jungle. The film encompasses themes of responsibility, redemption, and the circle of life, as Simba must return to reclaim his throne. It’s a powerful tale that blends stunning visuals, memorable music, and deep emotional resonance.


This movie is a masterpiece in storytelling, animation, and music. The narrative of Simba’s journey from a young cub to the king is filled with lessons about growth, responsibility, and facing challenges. The characters are memorable and the music is iconic, making it an unforgettable experience for viewers of all ages.

Educational Value

It teaches children about the circle of life, responsibility, and the importance of family. The story also touches on themes of self-discovery and learning from mistakes.

Why It’s Great for Toddlers

“The Lion King” presents complex concepts in a way that’s accessible to young minds. It can be a great conversation starter for parents to discuss themes like loss, responsibility, and the importance of making good choices.

5. Frozen

“Frozen” is a modern fairy tale that breaks the mold of traditional Disney princess stories. The film focuses on the relationship between two royal sisters, Elsa and Anna, in the kingdom of Arendelle. Elsa has magical powers to control ice and snow but struggles to control her abilities.

After inadvertently setting off an eternal winter, she isolates herself, and it’s up to Anna, with the help of mountaineer Kristoff, his loyal reindeer Sven, and a comical snowman named Olaf, to bring her back. The story explores themes of love, bravery, and self-acceptance, all set to a soundtrack that has captivated audiences worldwide.


The film stands out for its strong female characters, stunning animation, and catchy music. The story is a refreshing take on traditional fairy tales, focusing on sisterly love rather than the conventional romantic storyline.

Educational Value

Highlights themes of sisterhood, bravery, and self-acceptance. The songs in “Frozen” are not only entertaining but also aid in language and memory skills development.

Why It’s Great for Toddlers

The movie promotes positive messages about embracing one’s uniqueness and the power of family bonds. The music and vibrant visuals are particularly appealing to toddlers, making “Frozen” a captivating watch for the young audience.

6. Sofia the First

This animated series introduces Sofia, a young girl who becomes a princess when her mother marries the king. As she adjusts to her new royal life, Sofia attends the Royal Prep Academy, where she learns what it means to be a true princess. The show is rich with themes of kindness, generosity, and staying true to oneself.

Sofia encounters various fairytale characters and faces different magical adventures, learning important life lessons along the way. The series blends enchantment with relatable real-world issues, making it a hit with young audiences.


“Sofia the First” is an engaging and heartwarming series that captures the challenges and joys of adapting to new situations. Sofia, as a character, is relatable and serves as a positive role model for young children.

Educational Value

The show teaches important social skills, such as being kind, honest, and the importance of friendship. It also emphasizes the value of being true to oneself.

Why It’s Great for Toddlers

The series is perfect for toddlers as it presents moral lessons in a simple and entertaining way. The episodes often feature problem-solving scenarios that encourage critical thinking in young viewers.

7. Moana

“Moana” is a visually stunning, musical adventure film that follows Moana, a spirited and fearless teenager from the island of Motunui. Chosen by the ocean, Moana sets sail in search of the demigod Maui to save her people from an encroaching curse.

The film explores themes of identity, heritage, and environmental stewardship. Along her journey, Moana discovers her own identity and what it truly means to be a leader. Featuring rich Polynesian culture and mythology, this film offers a refreshing take on the classic hero’s journey.


The movie is renowned for its breathtaking animation, inspiring storyline, and empowering main character. Moana’s journey is a captivating tale of courage, exploration, and self-discovery.

Educational Value

Promotes themes of courage, the importance of self-discovery, and respect for nature and heritage. It introduces young viewers to different cultures and environmental awareness.

Why It’s Great for Toddlers

“Moana” is a great choice for toddlers due to its positive messages, dynamic characters, and representation of a different culture. The adventurous spirit of the film, along with its memorable music, makes it both an educational and entertaining experience.

Each of these titles offers something unique and valuable for toddlers, from interactive learning experiences and emotional growth to exposure to diverse cultures and fundamental life lessons. They represent the rich and varied content available on Disney Plus, making it an ideal platform for young viewers’ development and entertainment.

engaged toddlers in a cozy living room, watching a Disney vibrant underwater adventure on TV, with sea-themed room decor.

Is Disney Plus Worth It for Toddlers?

When considering a streaming service like Disney Plus for toddlers, the question of its value arises. Is Disney Plus worth the investment for families with young children? Here are some points to consider:

Abundant Educational Content

  • Variety of Shows: Disney Plus offers a wide range of educational shows tailored for toddlers. These programs focus on teaching fundamental skills, such as basic math, language, and social interaction.
  • Interactive Learning: Many shows are designed to be interactive, encouraging active participation and cognitive development.

Safe and Controlled Viewing

  • Parental Controls: Disney Plus provides some simple parental control features. Parents can create kids’ profiles, ensuring their toddlers are exposed only to age-appropriate content.
  • Ad-Free Environment: The platform is ad-free, which means toddlers aren’t exposed to commercials that might not be suitable for their age.

High-Quality Entertainment

  • Classic and New Stories: Disney Plus combines classic Disney tales with new, engaging stories. This blend offers a rich, diverse viewing experience for toddlers.
  • Engaging Visuals and Music: The shows and movies feature vibrant animations and memorable music, appealing to toddlers’ love for colors and songs.

Value for the Whole Family

  • Content for All Ages: While it caters well to toddlers, Disney Plus also offers content for older children and adults, making it a versatile choice for family entertainment.
  • Cost-Effective: Compared to multiple subscriptions for different age groups, Disney Plus can be a cost-effective solution for the whole family.


Disney Plus is indeed worth it for families with toddlers. It offers a safe, educational, and entertaining platform that caters to the developmental needs of young children. With its vast library of content suitable for various age groups, it stands as a valuable resource for family entertainment.

Warm and inviting scene of a parent and toddler snuggled on a sofa, watching a Disney Plus show, depicting a cozy family movie night.

Parental Control Features on Disney Plus

Disney Plus provides comprehensive parental control features that enable parents to create a safe and appropriate viewing environment for their toddlers. Here’s a detailed guide on how to set up and use these controls effectively:

Setting Up Parental Controls

  1. Accessing Settings:
  • Log into your Disney Plus account.
  • Click on your profile icon and go to ‘Account’ to access settings.
  1. Creating a Profile for Your Child:
  • Select ‘Add Profile.’
  • Choose an avatar and name the profile.
  • Turn on the ‘Junior Mode’ option to automatically filter content suitable for children.
  1. Customizing Accessibility:
  • For more control, you can manually set profile PINs to be able to access adult profiles.
  • Go to ‘Profile Settings’ and select ‘Profile PIN’ under the profile you want to add a PIN to.
  • Turn on Kid-proof Exit to make it harder for kids to leave Junior Mode.

Benefits of Parental Controls

  • Safety and Assurance: Ensures that your toddler is exposed only to content that is safe and age-appropriate.
  • Customizable Viewing Experience: Allows for a tailored viewing experience that aligns with your family values and your child’s maturity level.
  • Peace of Mind: Gives parents peace of mind knowing that their child’s media consumption is controlled.

By leveraging the parental control features on Disney Plus, parents can create a nurturing and secure environment for their toddlers to explore and enjoy a world of entertainment. These controls are essential in maintaining a balance between allowing children to enjoy their favourite shows and ensuring that the content they are exposed to is beneficial for their development.

A father and son picking a show to watch on Disney Plus together in their living room.

Integrating Disney Plus into Your Toddler’s Routine

Incorporating Disney Plus into your toddler’s daily routine can be done creatively and responsibly, ensuring a balanced approach to screen time. Here’s how you can make Disney Plus a positive and enriching part of your child’s day:

1. Establishing a Viewing Schedule

  • Routine is Key: Set specific times for watching Disney Plus, like after lunch or during a quiet hour in the afternoon.
  • Limit Screen Time: Adhere to recommended screen time guidelines for toddlers. The Canadian Paediatric Society suggests no more than one hour per day for children aged 2 to 5 years.

2. Interactive and Educational Viewing

  • Choose Educational Content: Select shows that offer learning opportunities, like those teaching numbers, letters, or social skills.
  • Engage with Your Child: Watch with them occasionally. Ask questions about the show, discuss characters, and relate the story to real-life situations to make viewing more interactive.

3. Balancing with Other Activities

  • Encourage Variety: Balance screen time with other activities like outdoor play, reading books, and creative playtime.
  • Use Disney Plus as a Reward: Make Disney Plus time a reward for completing other activities like tidying up toys or finishing a puzzle.

4. Promoting Active Viewing

  • Sing-Along and Dance: Choose shows with songs and encourage your toddler to sing and dance along, turning screen time into an active experience.
  • Crafts and Drawing: After watching a show, engage your child in drawing their favorite character or doing a related craft, making the experience more hands-on.

5. Using Screen Time for Skill Development

  • Language Skills: Shows in other languages or with simple dialogues can be used to introduce new words and phrases.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Discuss the emotions displayed by characters, helping your child understand and express their own feelings.

6. Monitoring and Adjusting Content

  • Review Regularly: Keep an eye on the content your child is watching and how they react to it, adjusting choices as needed.
  • Stay Informed: Be aware of new shows or features on Disney Plus that could be beneficial for your toddler.

By thoughtfully integrating Disney Plus into your toddler’s routine, you can ensure that their screen time is not only enjoyable but also contributes positively to their development. It’s about striking a balance between entertainment and education, active and passive activities, and making screen time a part of a well-rounded routine.

Disney Plus and Early Childhood Development

Disney Plus offers a unique opportunity to positively influence early childhood development through its diverse range of educational content. Here’s an insight into how certain shows on Disney Plus can aid in the developmental milestones of toddlers:

1. Cognitive Development

  • Shows like “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” and “Doc McStuffins” stimulate cognitive skills.
  • They introduce basic concepts of math, science, and problem-solving.
  • Interactive episodes encourage active thinking and engagement, helping children understand cause and effect.

2. Language and Communication Skills

  • Series with catchy songs and repetitive phrases, such as “Frozen” and “Moana,” enhance language acquisition.
  • They introduce new vocabulary and improve pronunciation in a fun, memorable way.
  • Dialogue and character interactions provide models for effective communication and conversational skills.

3. Social and Emotional Development

  • Programs like “Sofia the First” and “Puppy Dog Pals” focus on themes of friendship, empathy, and cooperation.
  • They teach important social skills, such as sharing, understanding others’ feelings, and working together.
  • Children learn to navigate social situations and understand diverse perspectives.

4. Creativity and Imagination

  • Disney Plus’s array of imaginative stories and characters fosters creativity.
  • Shows set in different worlds or times encourage imaginative play, a key component of creative thinking.
  • Children are inspired to create their own stories and games, enhancing their creative abilities.

5. Moral and Ethical Development

  • Many Disney classics come with strong moral lessons.
  • They teach values like honesty, bravery, and integrity through engaging narratives.
  • This helps children develop a sense of right and wrong and understand the consequences of actions.

6. Physical Development

  • Active viewing, encouraged by shows with dancing and movement, supports physical development.
  • Engaging in physical activities alongside characters helps improve motor skills and general fitness.

In conclusion, Disney Plus can be a valuable tool in supporting early childhood development. Its educational shows are not only entertaining but also enriching, offering various benefits from cognitive and language development to social, emotional, and moral growth. By selecting appropriate content and engaging in interactive viewing, parents can leverage Disney Plus as a resource for their toddlers’ overall development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When it comes to Disney Plus for toddlers, parents often have several questions regarding safety, content variety, and subscription details. Here are some common FAQs answered to provide clarity and assistance:

1. What type of content is available for toddlers on Disney Plus?

  • Disney Plus offers a wide range of toddler-friendly content, including classic Disney movies, educational shows, and animated series.
  • Programs are tailored for young audiences with a focus on learning, fun, and character development.

2. How can I ensure the content my toddler watches is safe?

  • Use the parental control features to set up a kids’ profile, restricting access to age-appropriate content.
  • Regularly monitor the viewing history and adjust settings as needed to maintain a safe viewing environment.

3. Is Disney Plus content educational for toddlers?

  • Many shows on Disney Plus are designed to be both entertaining and educational, teaching basic life skills, language, math, and more.
  • Programs like ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’ and ‘Doc McStuffins’ are specifically crafted to engage and educate young minds.

4. Can I limit my toddler’s screen time on Disney Plus?

  • While Disney Plus doesn’t have a built-in timer, parents can manage screen time by creating a viewing schedule and using external timers.
  • Parental guidance and setting a routine are key in regulating screen time effectively.

5. What are the subscription costs for Disney Plus?

  • Disney Plus requires a subscription, with pricing varying by region.
  • It often offers different plans, so check the latest pricing on the Disney Plus website or app for accurate details.

6. How often is new content added to Disney Plus for toddlers?

  • Disney Plus regularly updates its library with new content, including shows and movies suitable for toddlers.
  • New content is added monthly, ensuring a fresh and diverse selection.

7. Are there options for offline viewing on Disney Plus?

  • Yes, Disney Plus allows users to download shows and movies on mobile devices for offline viewing, perfect for keeping toddlers entertained while travelling.

By addressing these FAQs, parents can feel more informed and confident in using Disney Plus as a valuable resource for their toddlers’ entertainment and education. The platform’s commitment to providing safe, engaging, and varied content makes it a great choice for young families.

Conclusion: Making the Most of Disney Plus for Toddlers

In conclusion, Disney Plus offers a rich and diverse world of entertainment and education, making it a valuable tool for parents of toddlers. The platform’s vast selection of content, ranging from classic Disney movies to educational and interactive shows, provides numerous benefits for early childhood development. These include cognitive and language skills enhancement, social and emotional learning, and the promotion of creativity and imagination.

Key Benefits of Disney Plus for Toddlers:

  • Educational Value: The content is not just entertaining but also educational, covering basic academics, moral lessons, and developmental skills.
  • Safe Viewing Environment: With robust parental controls, Disney Plus ensures a secure and age-appropriate viewing experience for toddlers.
  • Variety of Content: The platform offers a wide range of shows and movies, catering to different interests and learning stages of young children.

However, it is crucial to maintain a balanced approach to screen time. While Disney Plus can be a wonderful resource, it should be one part of a diverse and enriching daily routine. Parents are encouraged to set viewing limits, engage with their children during screen time to enhance learning, and balance digital entertainment with other activities like outdoor play, reading, and creative arts.

By thoughtfully integrating Disney Plus into their toddlers’ routines, parents can make the most of the platform’s offerings. It’s about using Disney Plus as a tool for fun and learning, ensuring that it complements rather than dominates the all-important early years of development.