Hosting A Co-ed Baby Shower: The Ultimate Guide

By Chelsea Montgomery
Hosting A Co-ed Baby Shower

Hosting a co-ed baby shower is quickly becoming the go-to choice for modern parents-to-be, keen on celebrating their upcoming bundle of joy with all their loved ones, regardless of gender. This inclusive approach not only breaks down traditional barriers but also doubles the fun, making the event a memorable experience for everyone involved.

At its core, a co-ed baby shower is about bringing friends and family together in a warm, welcoming atmosphere to share in the joy and anticipation of the new arrival. By opening up the celebration to everyone, hosts can create a vibrant, diverse party atmosphere where stories are shared, laughter abounds, and the sense of community strengthens.

Whether you’re a seasoned party planner or a first-time host, the shift towards co-ed baby showers offers a fantastic opportunity to craft an event that’s as unique and special as the baby on the way.

guests at a co-ed baby shower in a backyard with colorful decorations and a buffet table

How Do You Host a Co-ed Baby Shower?

Hosting a co-ed baby shower is all about inclusivity, celebration, and creating a welcoming atmosphere for every guest. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure your co-ed baby shower is a hit:

Step 1: Choose a Welcoming Theme

Start by selecting a theme that’s appealing to all your guests. Opt for gender-neutral themes or interests that both expectant parents share. Themes like “Adventure Awaits,” “Welcome to the World,” or a simple garden party can set a welcoming tone for the celebration.

Step 2: Send Out Inclusive Invitations

Make it clear on your invitations that the baby shower is co-ed. Use language that invites all guests to join in the celebration, regardless of gender. Highlight the theme and any activities planned, so guests know what to expect and can look forward to the event.

Step 3: Plan Activities for Everyone

Choose activities and games that everyone can enjoy. Think beyond traditional baby shower games to include things like diaper-changing races, baby food taste tests, or a funny photo booth with props. The key is to encourage interaction and fun among all attendees.

Step 4: Consider Food and Drink Preferences

Offer a variety of food and drinks that cater to different tastes. A mix of hearty and light options ensures there’s something for everyone. Consider having a signature cocktail or mocktail for the event, alongside non-alcoholic beverages, to add a festive touch.

Step 5: Create a Comfortable Setting

Arrange your venue in a way that encourages mingling and interaction. Opt for a mix of seating arrangements and standing areas. Decorate in a way that matches your theme but remains welcoming and not overly gendered.

Step 6: Acknowledge All Guests

Ensure that your event acknowledges and includes everyone. From the games you play to the speeches made, make it a point to celebrate the collective excitement of all your guests for the new arrival.

Step 7: Send Home Memorable Favors

Choose party favours that are thoughtful and unisex. Something simple like a personalized keepsake, a plant, or gourmet treats can be a lovely way to thank your guests for their support and participation.

Tips for Making Everyone Feel Welcome

  • Communicate Clearly: From the get-go, make sure your invites and communications express the inclusive nature of your party.
  • Diversify Your Playlist: Music sets the mood, so curate a playlist that’s upbeat and appealing to a broad audience.
  • Ask for Input: Don’t hesitate to ask the expectant parents and close friends for ideas on how to make the shower enjoyable for everyone.
  • Be Mindful of Traditions: While some traditions may hold sentimental value, consider adapting or forgoing them to suit the diverse guest list of a co-ed shower.

By following these steps and tips, you’ll create a co-ed baby shower that’s not only successful but also memorable and enjoyable for all your guests. It’s about celebrating the upcoming arrival of the new baby in a way that everyone can share in the joy and excitement, making it a truly special occasion.

A co-ed baby shower venue decorated with balloons, banners, and table settings in greens, yellows, and pastels.

Co-ed Baby Shower Themes

When it comes to hosting a co-ed baby shower, selecting the right theme is crucial for setting the tone for a fun and inclusive celebration. Here are several themes that work wonderfully for a co-ed audience, ensuring everyone feels part of the special day:

Adventure Awaits

This theme is perfect for parents who love travel or outdoor activities. Decorate with maps, globes, and travel-inspired decor. It’s a fantastic way to embark on the greatest adventure of all—parenthood.

Baby-Q Bash

A Baby-Q is a laid-back, barbecue-themed baby shower that’s ideal for a co-ed crowd. Think of gingham tablecloths, picnic foods, and outdoor games. It’s casual, fun, and perfect for a sunny day celebration.

Storybook Shower

Invite guests to celebrate the upcoming arrival with a storybook-themed shower. Decorate with images and quotes from beloved children’s books. It’s a charming theme that resonates with the young at heart.

Welcome to the Jungle

For a wild and lively party, a jungle-themed baby shower is a hit. This theme is filled with animal prints, lush greenery, and tropical touches. It’s a playful and vibrant choice that’s sure to entertain all your guests.

Starry Night

A starry night theme brings a magical and dreamy atmosphere to your baby shower. Decorate with twinkling lights, stars, and celestial accents. It’s a gender-neutral theme that adds a touch of wonder to your celebration.

Future All-Star

For sports-loving families, a sports-themed baby shower can be a home run. Decorate with jerseys, sports equipment, and team colours. It’s a great way to celebrate the little MVP on the way.

Little Artist

Celebrate the creativity and colour a new baby brings into the world with an art-themed shower. Provide canvases, paints, or colouring pages for a creative twist on shower activities. It’s a vibrant, engaging theme that appeals to everyone’s inner artist.

Retro Baby Bash

Throw a retro-themed baby shower for a blast from the past. Choose a specific decade as inspiration and decorate with vintage items, classic snacks, and a throwback playlist. It’s a fun, nostalgic theme that guests of all ages will enjoy.

DIY Craft Party

For a hands-on, interactive shower, a DIY craft theme is perfect. Set up stations where guests can create something special for the baby or the parents-to-be. It’s a unique way to engage guests and create lasting memories.

Seasonal Celebrations

Tie your baby shower theme to the season—think floral and fresh for spring, beachy and bright for summer, warm and cozy for fall, or icy and elegant for winter. Seasonal themes offer endless inspiration and appeal to everyone.

Choosing a co-ed baby shower theme is all about celebrating the new arrival in a way that’s fun, inclusive, and memorable for all your guests. Each of these themes provides a fantastic starting point for planning an unforgettable celebration that honours both parents and welcomes the little one with open arms.

a co-ed baby shower diaper derby, with guests of all genders participating in a playful diaper-changing race, surrounded by colorful party decorations.

Co-ed Baby Shower Games

When it comes to co-ed baby showers, the games play a crucial role in setting the tone for a fun and inclusive celebration. Here’s a mix of traditional and unique game ideas that everyone can enjoy:

Diaper Derby

This hilarious game involves teams competing to change a baby doll’s diaper the fastest. It’s a great way to get everyone laughing and engaged, plus it’s a handy practice for the parents-to-be!

Baby Bottle Bowling

Set up a bowling alley using baby bottles as pins. Guests can take turns rolling a small ball to knock them down. It’s a simple yet entertaining game that adds a quirky twist to traditional bowling.

Guess the Baby Food

Blindfolded guests taste various baby foods and try to guess the flavours. This game is always a hit, offering some surprising and funny moments. Just make sure to have a camera ready for those priceless expressions!

Baby Photo Guess

Ask guests to bring a baby photo of themselves and display them on a board. Everyone tries to match the photo with the guest, sparking conversations and laughter as people reminisce about their own childhoods.

Pacifier Hunt

Hide pacifiers around the party area before guests arrive. The person who finds the most pacifiers by the end of the shower wins a prize. This game is a great icebreaker and gets guests moving and interacting.

Baby-Themed Pictionary

Create a list of baby-related words or phrases for a game of Pictionary. It’s a classic game that’s easy to set up and can be played in teams, making it perfect for a co-ed crowd.

The Price Is Right: Baby Edition

Set up a table with various baby items and have guests guess their prices. The closest guess without going over wins. It’s a fun way to test everyone’s knowledge and could be helpful for the parents-to-be.

Baby Playlist

Challenge guests to come up with songs that have the word “baby” in the title or lyrics. It’s a musical game that’s sure to get everyone singing along and adding to the playlist.

Onesie Decorating Contest

Provide plain onesies and fabric markers or paint, and let guests unleash their creativity. It’s a fun, hands-on activity that leaves the parents-to-be with adorable and unique clothes for their baby.

Who’s That Baby?

This game involves matching baby pictures of celebrities or fictional characters to their adult counterparts. It’s a great way to mix in some pop culture and can be surprisingly challenging.

These co-ed baby shower games are designed to include guests of all ages and interests, ensuring that everyone has a good time. By choosing a variety of games, you can keep the energy high and make your baby shower a memorable event for everyone involved.

co-ed baby shower invitations with neutral designs and baby accessories on a wooden table

How Do You Indicate a Baby Shower Is Coed?

Communicating the co-ed nature of a baby shower clearly in the invitation is key to setting the right expectations for your guests. Here are some tips and examples on how to craft your invitations to ensure everyone knows your baby shower welcomes all guests, regardless of gender:

Tips for Co-ed Baby Shower Invitations:

  • Be Direct: Use clear language that explicitly states the shower is co-ed. Avoid ambiguous phrases that might be misinterpreted.
  • Include Both Parents: Make sure to mention both parents-to-be in the invitation. This signals that the event is intended for a wider audience.
  • Choose Gender-Neutral Designs: Opt for invitations that feature neutral colors and designs, steering clear of traditional pink or blue themes.
  • Highlight the Theme: If your baby shower has a specific theme, make it prominent in your invitation. Themes often suggest the inclusivity of the event.
  • Use Inclusive Language: Phrases like “Join us in celebrating” or “Everyone is welcome” emphasize the inclusive nature of the shower.

Examples of Coed Baby Shower Invitation Wording:

  1. Straightforward and Inclusive:
  • “We’re excited to welcome our little one with everyone we love! Please join Sarah and Tom for a co-ed baby shower celebrating our new adventure.”
  1. Fun and Casual:
  • “Babies, BBQ, and Beer! Come celebrate our little bundle of joy at Jen and Alex’s co-ed Baby-Q. All friends and family welcome!”
  1. Theme-Focused:
  • “Adventure Awaits! Join Mia and Chris for a co-ed baby shower as we prepare to welcome our newest explorer. Let’s celebrate together with fun, food, and friends.”
  1. Creative and Quirky:
  • “Diapers, dummies, and little socks, let’s celebrate with all our folks! Emily and David are throwing a co-ed bash to welcome our little tot.”
  1. Simple and Elegant:
  • “A little one is on the way, and we’d love to celebrate with you. Please join us for a co-ed shower in honour of Linda and Mark.”
  1. Rhyme and Rhythm:
  • “A baby’s coming, cute and sweet. Moms and Dads, let’s meet and greet! Join us for a co-ed shower to celebrate Olivia and James.”

By using these tips and examples as a guide, you can craft co-ed baby shower invitations that set the tone for an inclusive, welcoming event. The goal is to ensure that every guest feels excited and comfortable about joining in the celebration, making your baby shower a truly special occasion for all involved.

Who Pays for a Co-ed Baby Shower?

Navigating the financial aspects of hosting a co-ed baby shower can be a bit different from traditional baby showers. With more guests and potentially bigger venues, understanding etiquette and setting clear expectations for financing the event is crucial. Here’s some advice on how to manage the budget and share costs among hosts.

Modern Etiquette for Co-ed Baby Showers:

Traditionally, a close friend or family member might have taken on the entire cost of a baby shower. However, as co-ed showers become more popular and often larger, the approach to financing them has evolved. It’s now common for multiple people to contribute, whether they’re family members, friends, or even coworkers of the parents-to-be. This collaborative approach not only helps distribute the financial burden but also fosters a sense of community in the celebration.

Setting Expectations:

  • Open Communication: Early in the planning process, have an open discussion with potential hosts about budget and expectations. This ensures everyone is on the same page and comfortable with their contribution.
  • Decide on a Budget: Agree on a total budget before making any decisions. This will guide your choices for venue, food, decorations, and activities.
  • Consider Contributions: Some guests or co-hosts might prefer to contribute in non-monetary ways, such as providing a location, baking a cake, or handling decorations. Be open to these options as they can significantly reduce costs.

Sharing Costs Among Hosts:

  • Divide Responsibilities: Assign specific parts of the shower (like food, games, or decorations) to different hosts. This can make expenses clearer and management easier.
  • Joint Savings Account: For larger showers, consider setting up a joint savings account for hosts to contribute to over time. This can help spread out the financial impact and simplify transactions.
  • Crowdfunding: In some cases, if all participants agree, setting up a crowdfunding campaign can be an effective way to cover costs. However, ensure this approach is discussed and agreed upon by everyone involved.

Budgeting Tips:

  • Prioritize: Decide what elements of the shower are most important and allocate your budget accordingly. Sometimes, a fantastic venue or a special activity is worth investing in more heavily than other aspects.
  • DIY Where Possible: Handmade decorations, home-cooked food, and self-organized games can significantly reduce costs without diminishing the shower’s charm.
  • Be Resourceful: Borrow items like serving dishes, tablecloths, and decorations from friends and family to avoid unnecessary purchases.

Remember, the focus of a co-ed baby shower is to celebrate the upcoming addition to the family. While hosting a memorable event is important, the warmth and love felt by the parents-to-be are what truly make the day special. By planning with care and communicating openly, you can host a wonderful co-ed baby shower that respects everyone’s financial situation and creates lasting memories.

a diverse group photo at a co-ed baby shower, with guests smiling in a decorated setting, symbolizing inclusivity and the joy of celebrating new life together

How Many People Go to a Coed Baby Shower?

An average baby shower will have about 20 guests. But this can scale up or down depending on the size of the venue you have available to you and who you want to include in the celebration.

There is no hard rule to the number of people. Smaller, more intimate showers can be great experiences for those involved. I’ve also attended other very large ones that incorporated those from both parent’s families and friends which were a lot of fun too.

Understanding Venue Capacity:

The size of your venue is one of the most critical factors in deciding how many guests to invite. Whether you’re hosting the shower at home, in a community hall, or at a restaurant, knowing the maximum capacity will help you set a realistic limit on your guest list. Always aim for a comfortable fit; overcrowded spaces can detract from the experience, while too much space might lose the sense of intimacy important for a baby shower.

Consider the Event’s Nature:

Co-ed baby showers often have a different dynamic than traditional ones. They can be more akin to a casual get-together or party than a formal gathering. Think about the atmosphere you want to create. A larger guest list works well for a laid-back, festive event, while a smaller, more intimate gathering might be better for engaging deeply with each attendee.

Guest List Management Tips:

  • Prioritize Invitations: Start with must-have guests like close family and friends, then expand your list to include coworkers, neighbours, and other acquaintances if space allows.
  • Be Mindful of Dynamics: With a co-ed guest list, consider the mix of individuals attending. You want a harmonious atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable, whether they’re part of the expectant mother’s or father’s social circles.
  • Use RSVPs to Your Advantage: Encourage prompt RSVPs and consider setting a deadline. This will give you a clearer idea of attendance and allow you to adjust plans if necessary.

Balancing Act:

  • Intimacy vs. Celebration: A larger guest list can enhance the celebratory feel of the shower but may reduce opportunities for personal interaction. Consider what’s more important for the parents-to-be and plan accordingly.
  • Budget Considerations: More guests mean higher costs for food, beverages, and possibly a larger venue. Ensure your plans align with your budget and adjust your guest list if needed.

Communicate Clearly:

Ensure your invitations clearly state any plus-ones or children to avoid misunderstandings. If you’re limited by space or budget, it’s perfectly acceptable to request adult-only attendance or to limit guests to immediate family and close friends.

Flexibility Is Key:

No matter how much you plan, be prepared for last-minute changes to your guest list. Flexibility and a positive attitude will help you manage any surprises and keep the focus on celebrating this joyous occasion.

In conclusion, the number of people who go to a coed baby shower can vary widely based on personal preferences, venue size, and the event’s desired feel. By carefully considering these factors and managing your guest list with sensitivity and care, you can create a welcoming environment that celebrates the new arrival in a way that’s enjoyable for everyone.

A backyard baby shower with picnic tables, blankets on the grass, and string lights creating a welcoming vibe

Unique Co-ed Baby Shower Ideas

To make a co-ed baby shower truly memorable, infusing the event with innovative and creative ideas that cater to a diverse group is key. From activities that break the ice to decorations and food that everyone can enjoy, here are some unique ideas to elevate your co-ed baby shower.

Innovative Activities:

  • Parenting Advice Cards: Set up a station where guests can write down their best parenting advice, funny anecdotes, or well-wishes for the parents-to-be. It’s a heartfelt way to involve everyone in sharing their wisdom and support.
  • Custom Onesie Station: Provide plain onesies and fabric markers or paints, and invite guests to create a personalized onesie. This activity is not only fun but also gives the parents-to-be a collection of unique, handmade clothes for their baby.
  • Baby Time Capsule: Ask each guest to bring something small to include in a time capsule for the baby, to be opened on their 18th birthday. It could be a note, a current newspaper, a piece of technology, or a pop culture item.
  • Mocktail Bar: Set up a mocktail bar with a variety of ingredients and let guests create their own fun, non-alcoholic drinks. It’s a refreshing twist that ensures everyone can partake in the toast to the baby’s health.

Decorations That Wow:

  • Photo Garland of Parents-to-Be: Create a garland featuring photos of the parents-to-be from their childhood up to the present. It’s a personal touch that adds warmth and encourages storytelling.
  • Interactive Art Installation: Set up a canvas where guests can add their fingerprints using ink pads to create a collective piece of art for the baby’s nursery.
  • Themed Decor Based on Books or Movies: Choose a beloved children’s book or movie and theme your decorations around it. This can be a delightful way to engage guests and create a whimsical atmosphere.

Food for All:

  • Global Cuisine Buffet: Offer a buffet that features dishes from around the world, catering to various tastes and dietary preferences. It’s a delicious way to ensure there’s something for everyone.
  • DIY Food Stations: Set up stations where guests can customize their tacos, burgers, or ice cream sundaes. It’s a fun, interactive way to handle food and allows guests to mingle.
  • Signature Snacks: Create snack packs with the parents-to-be’s favourite treats as a personalized touch. These can double as party favours.

Memorable Takeaways:

  • Customized Party Favors: Offer party favours that are both meaningful and useful, like a plant sapling, a custom mixtape (or playlist), or a mini photo book of the shower.
  • Photo Booth with Themed Props: Set up a photo booth with props related to the baby shower theme. Provide a backdrop and a camera (or a smartphone setup) so guests can take their own memorable photos.

These unique co-ed baby shower ideas are designed to create an inclusive, enjoyable, and memorable experience for all guests. By focusing on activities, decorations, and food that appeal to a diverse group, you can ensure that the celebration is a hit and that the joy of the upcoming arrival is shared by everyone.

co-ed baby shower invitations and unisex baby accessories on a wooden table.

Co-ed Baby Shower Wording

Crafting the perfect invitation for a co-ed baby shower is about more than just sharing the details of the event; it’s about setting the tone for an inclusive and joyful celebration. The wording you choose plays a crucial role in ensuring that all guests feel welcome and excited to be part of the special day. Here are some insights into creating invitations that resonate with everyone.

The Importance of Inclusive Wording:

Inclusive wording ensures that every guest, regardless of gender, feels personally invited and valued. It’s about moving beyond traditional expectations to celebrate the new arrival in a way that reflects the diversity and richness of all the relationships in the parents-to-be’s lives. The right words can convey warmth, excitement, and the spirit of togetherness that defines the best co-ed baby showers.

Key Elements of Co-ed Baby Shower Invitations:

  • Welcoming Introduction: Start with a greeting that immediately signals the inclusive nature of the event. Phrases like “Join us for a celebration of new life” or “We’re excited to welcome everyone” set a welcoming tone.
  • Mention Both Parents: Make sure to include both parents in the invitation. This can be as simple as “Emma and Alex invite you to share in their joy” to emphasize that the event celebrates both parents.
  • Clear Indication of a Co-ed Shower: Use language that clearly states the event is co-ed. You might say, “A baby shower for Emma and Alex, celebrating with friends and family of all genders.”
  • Details with a Personal Touch: Beyond the basics (date, time, location), add a personal note or quote from the parents-to-be, sharing their excitement or a meaningful sentiment about the upcoming addition to their family.
  • Theme and Activity Highlights: If your shower has a specific theme or planned activities that might appeal to a broad audience, mention these to pique interest and give guests a taste of what to expect.

Examples of Co-ed Baby Shower Invitation Wording:

  1. Straight to the Heart:
  • “We’re starting our family, and we want you there to celebrate with us! Join Emma and Alex for a co-ed baby shower filled with love, laughter, and joy.”
  1. Casual and Fun:
  • “Burgers, beers, and baby talk! Help us celebrate the soon-to-be newest member of our family. All are welcome at Emma and Alex’s backyard baby bash.”
  1. Theme-Oriented:
  • “Adventure awaits! Join us on a journey to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Emma and Alex’s little explorer. A co-ed gathering of friends and family for a baby shower like no other.”
  1. Playful and Poetic:
  • “A little birdie told us a baby’s on the way! Let’s celebrate together, every lady and gent, at Emma and Alex’s co-ed baby shower event.”

Crafting your co-ed baby shower invitations with thoughtful and inclusive wording is the first step in creating an event that feels welcoming and exciting for every guest. By focusing on language that embraces all attendees, you set the stage for a celebration that’s filled with joy, support, and communal anticipation for the arrival of the new baby.

Final Thoughts On Hosting A Co-ed Baby Shower

In embracing the concept of a co-ed baby shower, we welcome a modern and inclusive way to celebrate one of life’s most joyous occasions. This approach breaks down traditional boundaries and opens up the celebration to friends and family of all genders, making the event a truly communal affair. From the initial planning stages and choosing a welcoming theme to sending out perfectly worded invitations, every step offers an opportunity to create a warm and inclusive atmosphere.

We’ve explored innovative and creative ideas for themes that cater to everyone, games that entertain a diverse group of guests, and food and decorations that add to the festive spirit of the occasion. The emphasis on inclusive wording in invitations sets the tone for a celebration where every guest feels valued and excited to participate.

Hosting a co-ed baby shower is about more than just marking a milestone; it’s a reflection of the evolving nature of family and friendship. It allows both parents-to-be to share the joy and anticipation with all their loved ones, creating memories that will be cherished for years to come.

As we move forward, let’s embrace the co-ed baby shower concept with open arms. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the new additions to our lives, surrounded by the full spectrum of our communities. After all, the arrival of a new baby is a joy that knows no bounds, and sharing that joy as widely as possible only serves to enrich the experience for everyone involved. Here’s to more laughter, more joy, and more inclusivity as we come together to welcome the newest members of our families.

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