Best Baby Carrier for Travel (2023)

Best Baby Carrier for Travel

Baby products can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to find that perfect item that’ll make your life a tad easier. If you’re here, chances are you’ve got some adventures planned and are looking into a baby carrier for travel.

Finding the right baby carrier for travel isn’t just about convenience, though that’s certainly a big part of it. It’s also about ensuring that both you and your baby are comfortable, safe, and happy while exploring new places. In this article, we’re going to offer some suggestions on some of the best baby carriers for different travel scenarios, answer some frequently asked questions, and hopefully, by the end, you’ll have a clearer idea of which carrier might be the best fit for your family’s next great adventure.

Best Baby Carrier for Plane Travel

Ah, plane travel! It’s a unique mix of excitement and a wee bit of stress, especially when you’ve got a baby in tow. The right baby carrier can make a world of difference when navigating the hustle and bustle of airports and the confined spaces of airplanes.

Our Pick: Best Baby Carrier for Air Travel

After considering various factors like comfort, security, portability, and adaptability, our top suggestion for air travel is the Ergobaby Omni 360.

Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier for Newborn

Why the Ergobaby Omni 360?

  1. Versatility: The Ergobaby Omni 360 can be adapted for newborns all the way up to toddlers without the need for any extra inserts. This means you won’t have to purchase multiple carriers as your child grows, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.
  2. Multiple Carry Positions: You can carry your baby facing in, facing out, on your hip, or on your back. This flexibility allows you to switch positions based on your baby’s mood, age, or your own comfort, especially during longer flights.
  3. Ergonomic Design: It supports a natural “M” position for your baby’s hip and spine development, ensuring your little one is always in the most anatomically correct position.
  4. Breathable Material: Especially important for air travel where temperatures can vary, the Omni 360 uses a mesh fabric that promotes airflow, ensuring both you and your baby stay cool and comfy.
  5. Compactness: It’s relatively easy to fold up and doesn’t take up too much space in a carry-on, which is always a plus for air travel!
  6. Supportive for Parents: With padded lumbar support and extra-cushioned shoulder straps, it distributes the baby’s weight evenly, making it comfortable for parents during longer periods of carrying.

Of course, the best carrier is subjective and varies based on personal preferences. We suggest the Ergobaby Omni 360 based on its features that are tailor-made for the demands of air travel. But remember, the most important thing is to find a carrier that feels right for you and your baby.

Can You Wear Baby Carrier on Airplane?

You might wonder if wearing your baby carrier during the flight is a good idea. The general guideline is that, while many airlines allow parents to wear their baby during the boarding process, you might be asked to secure your baby in their own seat or on your lap during takeoff, landing, and times when the seatbelt sign is on. It’s always a good idea to check with your airline in advance and maybe even keep a copy of their policy with you, just in case.

Can You Use a Baby Carrier on a Flight?

Once you’re cruising in the air, using a baby carrier can be a comforting way to keep your baby snug and secure, especially during nap time. If the seatbelt sign is off, and your little one is getting restless, having them in a carrier can also make it easier to take a short walk up and down the aisles. However, always consider the airline’s safety regulations and your own comfort.

Can You Walk Through TSA with Baby in Carrier?

Now, this is a question many traveling parents ask. In most cases, the TSA will allow you to walk through the metal detector with your baby in the carrier, but they might ask for additional screening afterward. Some parents find it easier to take the baby out of the carrier and send the carrier through the X-ray machine, but it truly depends on what you and your baby find less stressful. Remember, every TSA checkpoint might be a bit different, so just keep an open mind and maybe budget a bit of extra time for the security process.

Best Compact Baby Carrier for Travel

When you’re on the move, sometimes space is at a premium. Whether you’re backpacking across Europe, taking a road trip, or just hopping from one tourist spot to another, having a baby carrier that’s compact can be a game-changer. The ability to stow it away quickly without it taking up too much space is, honestly, a blessing.

Our Pick: Best Compact Baby Carrier for Travel

Space-saving, comfort, and portability often top the list for many parents when hunting for the ideal compact baby carrier for travel. With all those factors in mind, we’re delighted to spotlight the Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier as our top recommendation in this category.

Baby K'tan Baby carrier Baby Wrap

Why Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier? Here’s what stood out to us:

  1. No-Fuss Wrapping: Unlike many traditional wraps that require a bit of a learning curve, the Baby K’tan is as simple as slipping it on like a T-shirt. This is a great feature for parents on the go who don’t want to spend time fussing with long fabric lengths.
  2. Compact Design: The Baby K’tan folds up neatly, making it incredibly easy to tuck into a diaper bag, purse, or suitcase. Plus, it comes with its own matching sash that doubles as a carry bag!
  3. Breathable and Soft: Made from 100% natural cotton, this carrier is soft against a baby’s skin, and its breathable fabric ensures that both baby and parent remain comfortable, even during extended use.
  4. Multiple Positions: The Baby K’tan offers multiple carrying positions, adapting to your baby’s growth stages, from newborn to toddler.
  5. Ergonomic: The double-loop design evenly distributes weight, ensuring it’s easy on a parent’s back and shoulders, while also supporting the baby in a natural position.
  6. Safety: With its unique design, the Baby K’tan ensures a secure hold, so you can be confident while carrying your little one around.

While we’re quite fond of the Baby K’tan for its blend of convenience and comfort, it’s always a wise idea to try before you buy. Every parent and baby is unique, and the key is to find something that feels just right for both of you.

Packable Baby Carrier

A packable baby carrier ideally should be lightweight, easy to fold, and occupy minimal space, all without compromising on your baby’s comfort or safety.

Boba Air Ultra-Lightweight Baby Carrier

One of our top recommendations for the packable baby carrier category is the Boba Air Travel Baby Carrier. Here’s why:

  • Ultra Lightweight: The Boba Air is feather-light, weighing in at just under a pound! This means you can carry it around without feeling burdened, especially when you already have your hands full with other essentials.
  • Easy Fold Design: This carrier has a unique design that allows it to fold into its own pouch. Once folded, it’s small enough to fit into a purse or a small daypack, making it a great companion for trips where you might not need the carrier all the time but want to have it handy.
  • Durability: Despite its lightweight nature, the Boba Air is made from durable nylon material. This ensures that it can handle the rigors of travel without easily wearing out.
  • Comfort: Even though it’s designed for portability, the Boba Air doesn’t skimp on comfort. It offers some padding in the right places and has an ergonomic design to keep your baby safe and snug.
  • Breathability: Given its nylon construction, the Boba Air is breathable, making it a suitable choice for warmer destinations or for travels during the summer months.

Remember, when selecting a packable baby carrier, it’s essential to find a balance between portability and comfort. While the Boba Air is a fantastic suggestion, it’s always a good idea to try out a few different options and see what feels best for you and your little one. After all, every family’s travel needs are unique.

Best Travel Baby Carrier for Dads

Alright, dads! Let’s talk carriers. The idea of babywearing isn’t just for moms. In fact, babywearing can be a fantastic way for fathers to bond with their little ones and share the load (quite literally) with their partners. Plus, there’s something undeniably heartwarming about seeing a dad confidently strutting around with a baby snuggled close to him.

Our Pick For Best Baby Carrier for Dads

Dads, if you’re diving into the wonderful world of babywearing, we have a recommendation that many fathers have come to love and rely on. the BabyBjörn New Baby Carrier.

BabyBjörn New Baby Carrier One Air 2019 Edition, Mesh, Silver

Why choose the BabyBjörn New Baby Carrier? Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Simplicity at its Best: BabyBjörn is known for its straightforward designs, and this carrier is no exception. Its intuitive design ensures that you can put it on, adjust it, and secure your baby with ease, even if you’re new to babywearing.
  2. Ergonomic Design: This carrier is developed in collaboration with medical experts to ensure it provides the right support for your baby’s head, back, and hips. It’s a pick that’s both comfortable for the baby and the wearer.
  3. Breathable Fabric: The carrier is crafted with a mix of durable and breathable materials, ensuring your baby stays cool and comfy, and so do you.
  4. Adaptable Fit: Whether you’re tall, short, broad, or slim, the BabyBjörn New Baby Carrier offers an adaptable fit. This means it can comfortably be shared between mom and dad.
  5. Front and Inward Facing Options: As your baby grows and becomes more curious about the world, you have the option to let them face forward, allowing them a clear view of their surroundings.
  6. Stylish and Modern: BabyBjörn carriers have a sleek design that many dads appreciate. They’re not just functional but also add a touch of modern style to your baby gear.
  7. Safety First: With its sturdy, adjustable head support and safety click buckles, you can be assured of your baby’s safety every step of the way.

Remember, while the BabyBjörn New Baby Carrier offers a lot of advantages, the best baby carrier is the one that fits both your and your baby’s needs perfectly. So take your time, maybe even test a few out, and find the one that feels just right.

Do Men Wear Baby Carriers?

Absolutely, YES! The idea that baby carriers are primarily a mom’s accessory is fading fast. More and more fathers are discovering the joys and practicalities of babywearing. It’s a hands-free way to keep your baby close, making tasks like grocery shopping or even house chores easier. Plus, the physical closeness fosters bonding and allows dads to be actively involved in their baby’s early months.

Can Mom and Dad Use the Same Baby Carrier?

Yes! Many modern baby carriers are designed with adjustability in mind. This means they can be easily altered to fit different body types. While mom might like a particular setting, dad can adjust the straps to his comfort, ensuring both parents can use the same carrier without hassle.

That being said, each parent might have their own preferences when it comes to style, comfort, and how the carrier feels. If you’re planning on sharing a carrier, it’s a good idea to shop together or at least ensure that the chosen carrier fits both parents comfortably.

What is the Easiest Baby Carrier to Use?

Navigating the realm of baby carriers can feel overwhelming, especially with all of the options available. For many parents, especially those new to babywearing, ease of use is a top priority. After all, when you have a fussy infant on your hands or you’re in a rush to get out of the door, the last thing you need is to wrestle with a complicated carrier.

While “ease” can be subjective and varies from person to person, there are some carriers out there that are generally considered user-friendly and are particularly loved by beginners.

Baby Wrap-Style Carriers

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

Baby Wrap-Style Carriers like the Moby Wrap are essentially long pieces of fabric that you wrap around yourself and your baby. The simplicity of the design means there are no clips, buckles, or rings to figure out. However, it might take a couple of tries to get the wrapping technique down. Once you do, it becomes second nature.

Structured Carriers

Structured Carriers like the previously mentioned BabyBjörn or Ergobaby Omni 360 come with clear buckles and straps. They can be easier for those who prefer a more straightforward approach, akin to putting on a backpack.

Ring Slings

Baby Sling and Ring Sling 100% Cotton Muslin Infant Carrier

Ring Slings offer a middle ground. They involve a piece of fabric and two rings. While there’s a bit of a learning curve, many parents find them quicker to put on and adjust than wrap-style carriers.

Ultimately, the easiest baby carrier often comes down to personal preference and what you feel most comfortable with. It’s always a good idea to try on a few different styles, if possible, to see which feels the most intuitive to you. And remember, like any new skill, babywearing might take a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, it’s like riding a bike! Happy babywearing!

Is it Better to Travel with a Baby Carrier or Stroller?

Every parent knows that traveling with a little one comes with its own set of challenges. The decision to pack a baby carrier, a stroller, or even both can be quite daunting. Let’s sift through some pros and cons to help you make an informed decision based on your unique travel needs.

Baby Carrier Advantages

  1. Mobility: Carriers allow you to navigate crowded spaces like airports, train stations, or busy city streets with ease.
  2. Hands-Free: With your baby snugly wrapped or buckled in, you have both hands free to manage luggage, tickets, or a cup of coffee!
  3. Close Bonding: Travel can be overwhelming for babies. Being close to a parent can offer them comfort and security.
  4. Versatility: Baby carriers are perfect for places that aren’t stroller-friendly, like hiking trails or ancient historical sites with uneven paths.

Stroller Advantages

  1. Rest for the Parent: Let’s face it, even lightweight babies become heavy after being carried for a while. Strollers give parents a break.
  2. Storage Space: The undercarriage of a stroller can store diaper bags, shopping bags, and other essentials.
  3. Naptime: Strollers provide a comfortable spot for babies and toddlers to take a nap on the go.
  4. Protection: Strollers come with canopies that can shield babies from sun, rain, or even just the hustle and bustle of a busy environment.

Making Your Decision

  1. Duration of Travel: If it’s a short trip, a carrier might suffice. For a day-long outing, a stroller can be more practical.
  2. Destination: Are you heading to a beach resort, a city break, or a mountain retreat? Your destination can heavily influence your choice.
  3. Mode of Transport: If you’re flying, consider airline stroller check-in policies. If you’re driving, think about trunk space.
  4. Age and Preference of Your Child: Some babies love the snugness of a carrier, while others might prefer the spaciousness of a stroller.

In some scenarios, it might be beneficial to have both on hand. For instance, you can use the carrier in the airport and then have a stroller for exploring your destination.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It’s all about assessing your situation and figuring out what will make the journey smoother for both you and your baby.

What Can I Use Instead of a Baby Carrier?

Whether it’s due to personal preference, baby’s comfort, or specific situations, sometimes parents look for alternatives to traditional baby carriers. Let’s explore some of these alternatives and dive into how they compare to standard carriers.

Alternatives to Baby Carriers:

  1. Baby Backpacks: These are designed for older infants and toddlers and are perfect for parents who love hiking or long treks. They’re structured, ensuring the baby sits securely, and often come with additional features like sun and rain covers.
  2. Baby Strollers or Pushchairs: These offer a break from carrying altogether. Lightweight and travel-friendly options are available for parents on the move.
  3. Baby Wraps: Different from slings, wraps are long pieces of stretchy or woven fabric that you tie around yourself in various ways. They’re versatile and can accommodate babies of different sizes and ages.
  4. Pouch Slings: Simpler than ring slings, pouch slings are sewn into a loop and worn over one shoulder like a sash. They’re not as adjustable as ring slings but are quick to slip on and off.
  5. Babywearing Shirts: These are tops designed with a built-in pouch to carry newborns. They offer skin-to-skin contact and are a hit, especially during the initial weeks.
Difference Between a Baby Carrier and a Sling

What is the Difference Between a Baby Carrier and a Sling?

Baby carriers are more structured than slings. Slings and wraps are fabric that is wrapped around your body in a specific way to hold your baby while carriers have a structured fabric with buckles and clips to hold the baby.

Baby Carriers: These are typically structured with defined seating areas for the baby, adjustable straps for the wearer, and often come with buckles, clips, or ties. They offer support for the baby’s back, head, and bottom, distributing weight evenly for the wearer.

Slings: Slings, or more specifically ring slings, consist of a long piece of fabric threaded through two rings. One end of the cloth acts as a tail, allowing you to adjust the tightness and fit. Slings are worn diagonally across the body, creating a pouch for the baby. They’re especially popular for their simplicity and ease of use, making them great for quick trips or for babies who like to be carried for short periods and then let down often.

What are the Disadvantages of a Baby Carrier?

Baby carriers, though loved by many for the convenience and bonding they foster, aren’t without some drawbacks. Let’s consider them with an open mind:

  1. Physical Discomfort: Even with optimal designs, a carrier can cause discomfort if not worn correctly or for prolonged periods. Proper fit and periodic breaks can help.
  2. Overheating: Carriers can become warm, especially in hotter climates. It’s essential to monitor the baby for signs of overheating and choose breathable materials.
  3. Limited Mobility: While carriers offer a hands-free experience, certain activities might be more challenging with a baby attached.
  4. Learning Curve: Some baby carriers, particularly wraps or slings, can be tricky to master initially.
  5. Short Lifespan of Use: Not all carriers grow with your child. Some might only be suitable for specific age or weight brackets.
  6. Cost Factor: While there are affordable options, some premium carriers can be a significant investment.
  7. Accessibility to Baby: With the baby snuggly attached, it might be a tad more challenging to tend to their immediate needs compared to when they’re in a stroller or a playpen.
  8. Safety Concerns: If not used correctly, there might be concerns about the baby’s posture, hip positioning, or even breathing. Always ensure the baby’s face is visible and not pressed tightly against your body.

Remember, every baby product has its pros and cons. While these disadvantages don’t negate the numerous benefits of baby carriers, they’re worth keeping in mind as you decide what’s best for your family.

Wrapping It Up: The Best Baby Carrier for Travel

Embarking on adventures, whether they’re quick weekend getaways or international escapades, is one of life’s greatest joys. And having a little one to share those moments with makes them even more special. While the world of baby carriers might seem overwhelming at first, remember that the perfect choice for you is one that aligns with your family’s unique needs and lifestyle.

Whether you opt for a carrier that’s airplane-friendly, compact for on-the-go moments, dad-approved, or simply the easiest to use, the key is to ensure comfort and safety for both you and your baby. And hey, if you ever find yourself pondering the carrier versus stroller debate, remember that there’s no right or wrong choice. It’s all about what feels right for your journey.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your parenting adventure. Here’s to many memorable trips, filled with laughter, discovery, and cherished moments with your little one. Safe travels and happy carrying!

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