Preschool Show And Tell Ideas For Every Letter From A-Z

By Chad Montgomery
Preschool show and tell ideas

Show and Tell is more than just a quintessential preschool activity. It’s a rite of passage for many young learners, offering them a unique platform to express themselves, share personal stories, and build essential communication skills.

For parents, it can sometimes be a scramble to find the perfect item for their little ones to showcase. Looking for a fresh take on the next Show and Tell day? Dive into our A-Z guide, crafted to inspire creativity and make these moments memorable. Let’s begin our alphabetical journey!

Advice for Show and Tell

Show and tell is more than just showing an object; it’s about sharing a story, practicing communication skills, and connecting with others. To make the most out of this activity, consider the following tips:

  1. Practice Makes Perfect: Encourage your child to practice presenting their item at home. This will help them feel more confident and prepared on the actual day.
  2. Provide Context: It’s not just about the object, but the story behind it. Why is it special? What memories are associated with it? Give some background to make it more engaging.
  3. Keep Safety in Mind: Ensure that the chosen item is safe for the classroom. Avoid sharp objects, allergens, or anything that might be disruptive.
  4. Engage with Questions: After presenting, encourage your child to ask if their classmates have any questions. This promotes interaction and deeper understanding.
  5. Respect and Listen: Teach your child the importance of being a good listener when it’s not their turn. This fosters respect and shows them the value of listening to others’ stories.
  6. Use Visual Aids: If possible, use visual aids or props to make the presentation more interactive and engaging.
  7. Keep It Brief: While it’s essential to share, remind your child that their presentation should be concise to keep their peers’ attention.
  8. Enjoy the Process: Lastly, remind your child that show and tell is an opportunity for fun and learning. It’s a chance to share a part of their world with others and to learn from their classmates in return.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter A

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter A

A – Animals: Animals, whether real, toy, or drawn, have always held a special place in the hearts of children. They serve as companions, teachers, and windows into the vast tapestry of life on Earth.

  • Stuffed animal toys: Be it a furry teddy bear or a mythical dragon, stuffed animals often come with heartwarming tales of adventures and bedtime snuggles.
  • Pictures of a favourite animal: Whether it’s the majestic lion from a recent zoo visit or a mysterious deep-sea creature, sharing a picture allows the child to dive deep into fun facts and personal anecdotes.
  • Books about animals: Reading together is a cherished activity. By showcasing a beloved animal-themed book, children can share the joy of a gripping narrative or newly discovered facts about their favourite creatures.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter B

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter B

B – Books: Books open doors to new worlds, offering children a window into experiences, cultures, and imaginations beyond their own. With each page turned, they unlock a treasure trove of knowledge, tales, and adventures.

  • A favourite bedtime story: Everyone has that one book they love hearing over and over before drifting to sleep. Whether it’s a classic fairy tale or a modern fable, bedtime stories are integral to many childhood memories.
  • Picture books: Vibrant illustrations and compelling stories make picture books a favorite. Sharing a cherished picture book can give a glimpse into a child’s preferences and imagination.
  • Books with sound or textures: Interactive books offer multi-sensory experiences, and sharing them can be a great way for children to discuss the various textures or sounds they enjoy.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter C

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter C

C – Collectibles: The world through a child’s eyes is full of wonder, and often, the smallest of things can become treasures. Collectables showcase a child’s passion, patience, and dedication to their hobbies.

  • Stickers: From glittery unicorns to superhero emblems, stickers can tell a lot about a child’s interests and flair for decorating.
  • Coins: A coin collection, whether from a family’s travels or collected over time, can be an entryway to discussions about geography, history, and cultures.
  • Stamps: Much like coins, stamps are mini art pieces that can introduce children to different countries, historical events, and famous personalities.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter D

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter D

D – Drawings: A child’s drawing is a raw and unfiltered representation of their world, their dreams, and their emotions. Each scribble and colour used tells a unique story, and sharing it allows children to express their feelings and creativity.

  • Personal artwork: Whether it’s a family portrait, a dream home, or an imaginative creature, personal artwork can be a conversation starter about a child’s daily life and aspirations.
  • Colouring book pages: A coloured-in page can showcase a child’s patience, colour choices, and even their favourite characters or themes.
  • Craft creations: Beyond simple drawings, crafty creations like paper masks, origami, or beadwork illustrate a child’s dexterity and patience. Sharing them can also be a fun way to discuss the process and inspiration behind each piece.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter E

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter E

E – Electronics: In today’s tech-driven world, children are exposed to electronics from a very young age. Whether it’s an educational toy or a gadget they’ve seen adults use, electronics can serve as tools for learning and entertainment.

  • Age-appropriate electronic toys: Toys like robotic pets, learning tablets, or handheld games can give children a hands-on experience with technology while ensuring age-appropriate content and play.
  • Headphones (unplugged): These can represent a child’s favourite tunes or stories, and sharing them can spark conversations about music genres, artists, or even tales from audiobooks.
  • A calculator or old phone: Older electronics can inspire curiosity about how things work and evolve. Plus, kids often love to play ‘grown-up’ with gadgets they’ve seen adults use.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter F

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter F

F – Family: Family forms the foundation of a child’s universe. Every family has its stories, traditions, and mementos that are cherished over the years.

  • Family portrait: A photograph or drawing can serve as a springboard to discuss family members, relationships, and memorable occasions.
  • An item that represents a family tradition: This could be anything from a special ornament to a recipe card, and it offers a glimpse into the customs and rituals that are dear to a family.
  • Drawings of family members: Art made by the child, showcasing family members, can be a way to discuss the important people in their life and the special bond they share.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter G

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter G

G – Games: Games are a universal language of fun, strategy, and camaraderie. They offer valuable lessons in sportsmanship, critical thinking, and teamwork.

  • A favourite board game: Sharing a beloved board game can lead to discussions about the rules, strategies, and funny anecdotes from past play sessions.
  • Puzzle pieces: Bringing in a challenging or beautifully illustrated puzzle can be an opportunity to talk about patience, the joy of problem-solving, and the satisfaction of seeing the bigger picture.
  • Card games: From simple matching games to more strategic ones, card games can shed light on a child’s cognitive skills, memory, and even their favourite characters or themes if the cards are themed.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter H

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter H

H – Hobbies: Hobbies are a delightful reflection of a child’s individual interests and passions. They allow children to showcase their dedication, skills, and the joy they derive from their favourite pastimes.

  • Craft supplies: Be it beads, yarn, or glitter, craft supplies can hint at a child’s favourite creative outlets and their love for making something from scratch.
  • Musical instruments: Whether it’s a tiny harmonica, a tambourine, or a toy guitar, musical instruments can strike a chord about a child’s musical inclinations and favourite tunes.
  • DIY project: Completed or in-progress DIY projects like birdhouses, painted pots, or handmade jewellery can be a testament to a child’s patience, creativity, and handiwork.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter I

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter I

I – Insects: The miniature world of insects can be both fascinating and educational for children. From the fluttering butterfly to the industrious ant, insects introduce them to the wonders of nature and the basics of biology.

  • Toy insects: Plastic or plush, toy insects can be a way for children to discuss their favourite bugs, their characteristics, and any fun facts they know.
  • Butterfly or insect drawings: A hand-drawn depiction of insects can be an avenue to explore a child’s observation skills, knowledge of insect anatomy, and their artistic interpretation.
  • A magnifying glass: This simple tool can represent a child’s interest in exploration, the joy of discovery, and their budding scientific temperament.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter J

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter J

J – Jewellery: Jewellery, whether real or costume, is often associated with memories, sentiments, and a dash of creativity. For children, it can be a reflection of their taste, their crafting skills, or even cherished moments.

  • Handmade necklaces or bracelets: Crafted from beads, string, or even pasta, handmade jewellery pieces can highlight a child’s artistic side and the stories behind each creation.
  • Family heirloom (with caution): A carefully chosen piece can become a window to family history, traditions, and tales from yesteryears.
  • Costume jewellery: Sparkly, colourful, or themed – costume pieces can be a fun way to discuss fashion choices, favourite colours, or even characters and themes the child loves.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter K

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter K

K – Keepsakes: Keepsakes are treasured mementos that hold sentimental value and often connect us to significant moments or people in our lives. For children, these items can be portals to fond memories and cherished stories.

  • Baby’s first shoe: A poignant reminder of growth and milestones, sharing this can spark conversations about infancy and how much they’ve grown.
  • Memory box items: Little tokens like a ticket stub from their first movie, a dried flower, or a special note can evoke emotions and stories from memorable days.
  • Souvenirs: Items from family vacations or special visits, can be gateways to tales of adventure, exploration, and new experiences.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter L

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter L

L – Letters: The power of written words is immense, and even in our digital age, the charm of handwritten letters remains undiminished. For children, they can be tools of expression, connection, and creativity.

  • Handwritten notes: Whether it’s a thank-you note to a teacher or a letter to a friend, handwritten notes shed light on a child’s thoughts, feelings, and relationships.
  • Alphabet toys or cards: These educational tools can be a way to discuss the joy of learning, their progress in reading or writing, and their favourite letters or words.
  • Personalized name items: Items like nameplates, badges, or custom jewellery can spark conversations about the importance of identity, the meaning or story behind their name, and personal pride.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter M

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter M

M – Music: Music is a universal language that resonates with souls young and old. For children, it’s an avenue to express emotions, understand cultures, and even develop rhythm and coordination.

  • Kid-friendly musical instruments: Instruments, whether they’re toy drums, recorders, or maracas, can reflect a child’s musical talents, tastes, and their understanding of rhythm and melody.
  • Favourite song CD or digital playlist: Sharing their favourite tunes can be a way to discuss musical genres, artists, and the emotions certain songs evoke.
  • Music box: A timeless keepsake, music boxes can introduce tales of family history, moments of comfort, and even the magic of mechanics and melodies combined.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter N

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter N

N – Nature: The natural world is an endless source of wonder for children. From the majesty of mountains to the delicate petals of a flower, nature teaches them about life, science, and the beauty of the world around them.

  • Pinecones, leaves, or rocks: Gathered during outdoor adventures, these can instigate discussions about the changing seasons, geology, or the simple joy of a day at the park.
  • Shells or starfish: Memories from beach visits, can open up dialogues about marine life, the vastness of oceans, and the mysteries they hold.
  • Flowers or seeds: Representing growth and the cycle of life, they can inspire conversations about gardening, the importance of care, and the wonder of blooming life.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter O

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter O

O – Outfits: Clothing can be both functional and a form of self-expression. For young children, outfits can hold memories, be tokens of special occasions, or simply be a reflection of their budding personal style.

  • A favourite dress or shirt: Often tied to memories or comfort, sharing a favourite piece of clothing can provide insights into a child’s tastes and the stories behind them.
  • Costumes: From Halloween outfits to playtime dress-ups, costumes can highlight a child’s imaginative world, their favourite characters, or even cultural celebrations.
  • Accessories like hats or gloves: Beyond their practical use, accessories can be associated with adventures, style choices, or gifts from loved ones.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter P

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter P

P – Photos: Photographs freeze moments in time, allowing us to revisit them, relive emotions, and retell stories. For preschoolers, they can be windows to past experiences, family bonds, and places they’ve been.

  • Vacation pictures: These snapshots can transport listeners to distant lands, sparking discussions about travel, cultures, and the excitement of exploration.
  • Family events: Photographs from birthdays, reunions, or other significant events can be a pathway to share family tales, traditions, and the joy of togetherness.
  • Nature or landscape photographs: Capturing the beauty of the natural world, these can inspire talks about ecosystems, the magic of golden sunsets, or the serenity of a snow-covered field.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter Q

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter Q

Q – Quizzes & Questions: Curiosity is a hallmark of childhood, and quizzes and questions play a pivotal role in fueling a child’s desire to learn and explore. Their choices in these can reveal their interests, knowledge, and eagerness to challenge themselves.

  • Trivia cards: Selected from a favourite trivia game, these can hint at a child’s area of interest, whether it’s animals, space, or general knowledge.
  • Personal quizzes: Handmade quizzes about their family, pets, or favourite things can be a delightful peek into what holds importance in their life.
  • Puzzling questions: A question that’s been on their mind, be it whimsical or profound, sharing it can ignite a classroom discussion and perhaps even lead to answers.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter R

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter R

R – Recollections & Reflections: Children, despite their young age, often have profound memories and insights. Sharing recollections and reflections can help them articulate feelings, understand past events, and connect on a deeper level.

  • Diary or journal entries: Even simple sentences about their day or a drawing of a memorable event can be a pathway into their world.
  • Story recounts: Narrating a past event, like their first trip to the zoo or a day they made a new friend, can be both entertaining and enlightening.
  • Dream descriptions: Sharing a recent dream (or even a nightmare) allows for the exploration of imagination, feelings, and sometimes even fears.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter S

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter S

S – Sports & Skills: Physical activities and the acquisition of new skills are integral to a child’s development. Showcasing their achievements or interests in this realm can be a testament to their dedication, interests, and growth.

  • Sports equipment: A mini basketball, a tennis racket, or even a pair of dance shoes can spark conversations about their favourite sports, the importance of teamwork, or personal sports anecdotes.
  • Trophies or medals: Symbols of achievement, these items can be an entryway to stories of competitions, the thrill of victory, or the lessons learned from participation.
  • Demonstration of a skill: Whether it’s a short dance, a magic trick, or the art of origami, demonstrating a skill in front of peers can boost confidence and inspire others to learn something new.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter T

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter T

T – Toys & Treasures: Toys have been the companions of children for generations, offering solace, sparking imagination, and facilitating learning. The treasures a child holds dear can often reveal a lot about their personality and preferences.

  • Favourite toy: Be it a plush animal, a toy car, or a cherished doll, sharing their favourite toy can lead to tales of adventures, comfort, and imaginative play.
  • Handmade toy: From a simple paper boat to a crafted doll, a toy made by the child can be a showcase of creativity, patience, and the joy of creation.
  • Mystery box: A small box with a “treasure” inside can be a fun way to ignite curiosity and suspense, leading to discussions about the value and sentimentality of objects.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter U

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter U

U – Universe & Understanding: The vastness of the universe and our place in it have intrigued the minds of young and old. For preschoolers, this realm can introduce them to the basics of science, astronomy, and the interconnectedness of life.

  • Stars and planet toys or models: Bringing in a mini solar system or a glow-in-the-dark star can lead to chatter about planets, space missions, and the mysteries of the cosmos.
  • Space-themed books or comics: Tales of astronauts, aliens, or celestial wonders can be gateways to learning and fantastical imagination.
  • Questions about the universe: A profound or innocent question about the stars, the moon, or the very nature of existence can inspire deeper discussions and exploration.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter V

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter V

V – Vehicles & Voyages: The thrill of movement, the allure of distant lands, and the mechanics behind transportation – vehicles are not just modes of conveyance but also symbols of adventure and innovation for children.

  • Toy vehicles: Cars, trains, planes, or boats, these miniatures can be the starting point for conversations about speed, mechanics, and journeys taken or dreamt of.
  • Maps or globes: Marked with places they’ve been or places they wish to visit, maps can be a visual representation of adventures, geography, and cultural curiosity.
  • Travel souvenirs: A postcard, a model of a famous landmark, or a foreign coin, souvenirs can bring tales of different cultures, experiences, and the joys of travelling.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter W

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter W

W – Wildlife & Wonders: The animal kingdom is a source of endless fascination for kids. From the depths of the oceans to the skies above, animals teach about biodiversity, habitats, and the wonders of evolution.

  • Animal figurines or toys: Sharing a favourite animal can lead to dialogues about habitats, characteristics, and personal experiences or visits to zoos and sanctuaries.
  • Pictures of animals: Whether drawn, printed, or clicked, images can be avenues to discuss endangered species, personal encounters, or simply the beauty of nature.
  • Nature documentaries or books: A favourite episode or a captivating book about animals can highlight the child’s interests, knowledge, and passion for the natural world.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter X

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter X

X – X-factors & eXperiences: The X-factor represents the unique, often intangible qualities or experiences that shape an individual. Children, even at a young age, have experiences or qualities that make them stand out.

  • Talents or unique skills: Perhaps it’s the ability to whistle in a peculiar way, a knack for solving puzzles swiftly, or a special dance move – these qualities or skills can be a source of pride and intrigue.
  • Exceptional memories: A unique experience, like witnessing a rare natural phenomenon or being part of an unusual event, can be memorable and share-worthy.
  • Intriguing objects: An object that’s unusual, rare, or just quirky can be a conversation starter, sparking curiosity and questions.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter Y

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter Y

Y – Yearnings & Yarns
Yearnings represent the desires, dreams, and aspirations of a child. Yarns, on the other hand, are the tales, both real and imaginary, that children love to weave and narrate.

  • Dream journal or future aspirations: Sharing dreams, be it about flying unicorns or becoming an astronaut, can offer insights into a child’s mind and heart.
  • Favourite storybooks: Tales that have made an impact or simply ones they love to read and re-read can lead to discussions about characters, morals, and the joy of storytelling.
  • Drawings of fantasies: Imaginary lands, made-up creatures, or scenes from a dream, the visuals can be a journey into a child’s creative psyche.
Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter Z

Show And Tell Ideas For The Letter Z

Z – Zeal & Zest: The enthusiasm and energy with which children approach life are truly infectious. Their zeal for learning, playing, and exploring is a testament to their ever-curious nature.

  • Activity kits: Science experiments, art kits, or DIY projects they’re eager to try can showcase their enthusiasm for hands-on learning and creation.
  • List of new things to learn: A list or a bucket list can highlight their zest for knowledge, skills they want to acquire, or places they wish to see.
  • Photos or tokens from recent adventures: Representing their most recent explorations or activities, these can be windows into their passions, hobbies, and areas of interest.

Wrapping Up A to Z Preschool Show And Tell Ideas

Show and tell is a timeless tradition in early education, serving as a bridge between home and school, individuality and community. It’s an opportunity for young learners to take centre stage, articulate their thoughts, and share slices of their lives with their peers. Beyond just showcasing items, show and tell cultivates essential life skills — from public speaking and storytelling to active listening and empathy. By thoughtfully selecting items and preparing for their presentations, children not only learn to value their own experiences but also grow in appreciation for the diverse stories of their classmates. In essence, show and tell is a celebration of each child’s unique journey, fostering a classroom culture of curiosity, respect, and shared discovery.

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