10 Best Disney Movies for Babies

By Chad Montgomery
best Disney movies for babies

From the first giggle to the first word, every moment in a baby’s life is precious. As parents, we’re always on the lookout for experiences that can enrich these early years, creating memories that last a lifetime. Disney movies that blend stunning visuals and beautiful sound are one such experience.

So what are the best Disney movies for babies? With a vast library spanning decades, we put together this guide to dive into the magical world of Disney and bring you the best picks for your little one.

Why Disney Movies are Perfect for Babies

Disney has always had a unique touch when it comes to crafting stories that resonate with all age groups. Here’s why Disney movies are especially enchanting for babies:

  • Timeless Tales: Whether it’s the adventures of a wooden puppet wanting to become a real boy or a lion cub stepping up to his destiny, Disney’s stories are timeless. They’re simple enough for babies to follow, yet profound enough to be revisited at any age.
  • Vibrant Animations: The colours, the movements, the expressions – Disney’s animation is a visual treat. For babies, who are just beginning to understand the world around them, these animations can be both entertaining and educational. They can point at characters, recognize colours, and even mimic movements.
  • Soothing Soundtracks: Think of the lullaby-like tunes of “Cinderella” or the playful rhythms of “The Jungle Book”. Disney’s soundtracks are more than just songs; they’re experiences. They can soothe, entertain, and even lull a baby to sleep.
  • Positive Messages: At the heart of every Disney movie is a positive message. Be it the importance of family, the joy of friendship, or the value of perseverance, these messages are subtly woven into the narrative, laying the foundation for values we wish to instil in our children.

In the world of cinema, Disney movies are like a warm blanket – comforting, familiar, and always inviting. For babies, they offer a gentle introduction to the wonders of storytelling, ensuring hours of wholesome entertainment.

Top 10 Disney Movies for Babies

Navigating the vast ocean of Disney movies can be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to find the perfect one for your baby. To make things easier, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 Disney movies that are sure to captivate your baby’s attention and imagination.

1. Winnie the Pooh

Winnie The Pooh DVD

Dive into the Hundred Acre Wood and follow the adventures of Pooh Bear and his friends as they embark on quests for honey, celebrate birthdays, and simply enjoy each other’s company. And who can resist the cuteness of Piglet?

Why it’s the best for babies: The gentle nature of the characters, combined with simple storylines and calming music, makes this a perfect choice for babies. The soft colour palette is easy on young eyes, and the repetitive, rhythmic dialogues can be soothing.

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little mermaid dvd movie

2. The Little Mermaid

Join Ariel, the curious mermaid princess, as she dreams of life on land and embarks on a journey to find her true love and her own voice.

Why it’s great for babies: The vibrant underwater scenes filled with colourful fish and catchy songs like “Under the Sea” are sure to keep babies entertained. The movie’s themes of curiosity and determination can also resonate with toddlers.

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cars dvd collection

3. Cars

Venture into the world of Radiator Springs and follow the journey of Lightning McQueen, a race car who learns about friendship, humility, and the value of slowing down to enjoy life.

Why it’s one of the best for babies: The colourful anthropomorphic cars, engaging races, and catchy tunes make it visually and audibly appealing. The themes of friendship and understanding the importance of community resonate well with young viewers.

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Dumbo DVD movie

4. Dumbo

Experience the touching story of Dumbo, a baby elephant with oversized ears, as he discovers his unique ability to fly and finds his place in the world.

Why babies love it: The simple storyline, combined with heartwarming scenes and lullaby-like songs, can be both entertaining and soothing for babies.

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Disney Bambi Movie

5. Bambi

Follow the life journey of Bambi, a young deer, as he explores the forest, makes friends, and learns valuable life lessons.

Why it’s suitable for babies: The movie’s portrayal of nature, friendships, and the circle of life, combined with its soft animations and gentle soundtrack, makes it a great choice for young viewers. Luckily babies are too young to be able to understand the storyline of Bambi’s mom – but maybe skip ahead a bit just in case.

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6. Lady and the Tramp

Witness the charming tale of Lady, a refined cocker spaniel, and Tramp, a street-smart mutt, as they embark on unexpected adventures and discover love in the most unlikely of places.

Why it’s great for babies: The delightful doggy antics, combined with memorable songs like “Bella Notte,” make it a visual and auditory treat. The simple love story and the contrasting worlds of the characters can captivate young minds.

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Disney's the lion king movie

7. The Lion King

Journey to the Pride Lands of Africa and follow the life of Simba, a young lion prince, as he learns about responsibility, love, and redemption.

Why babies will love it: The vibrant African savannah, catchy tunes like “Hakuna Matata,” and the universal themes of family and friendship make this a favourite for many. The circle of life concept can be introduced to toddlers in a gentle manner.

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Disney's Beauty and the Beast

8. Beauty and the Beast

Dive into the enchanting world of Belle, a young woman who becomes a prisoner in a beast’s castle, only to discover the kind heart and soul within.

Why babies love it: The magical castle setting, talking objects, and songs like “Be Our Guest” offer a rich sensory experience. The story emphasizes looking beyond appearances, introducing a valuable lesson.

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Disney's Aladdin movie

9. Aladdin

Overview: Fly on a magic carpet ride with Aladdin, a street-smart young man, as he discovers a magical lamp, befriends a genie, and pursues love and identity.

Why it’s fantastic for babies: The colourful streets of Agrabah, the comedic antics of Genie, and songs like “A Whole New World” make this movie a visual and auditory delight. The themes of honesty and being true to oneself can resonate with older toddlers.

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Disney's Frozen Movie

10. Frozen

Embark on a chilling adventure with sisters Elsa and Anna as they navigate the challenges of Elsa’s ice powers, the bond of sisterhood, and the meaning of true love.

Why babies will love it: The snowy landscapes, lovable snowman Olaf, and one of the catchiest songs of the decade, “Let It Go” ensure engagement and entertainment. The movie’s focus on sibling love and self-acceptance can be introduced to young viewers.

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Benefits of Watching Disney Movies for Babies

Disney movies are more than just a source of entertainment; they offer a plethora of benefits for the cognitive and emotional development of babies. Let’s delve into some of the key advantages:

Enhancing Visual and Auditory Senses

  • Visual Stimulation: The vibrant colours, dynamic animations, and varied landscapes in Disney movies can stimulate a baby’s developing vision. Recognizing shapes, colours, and movements can be an essential part of their visual learning.
  • Auditory Development: The diverse range of sounds, from character dialogues to melodious songs, can aid in refining a baby’s listening skills. Recognizing different tones and rhythms can be crucial for auditory development.

Introduction to Emotions

  • Understanding Feelings: Through characters’ experiences, babies can get a glimpse of various emotions like happiness, sadness, fear, and excitement. This can be their first step towards understanding and expressing feelings.
  • Empathy Development: As babies watch characters navigate challenges and joys, they can begin to develop a sense of empathy, learning to relate to and feel for others.

Bonding Time with Parents

  • Shared Experiences: Watching a movie together can be a bonding activity, where parents and babies share reactions, laughter, and even dance to songs.
  • Discussion Opportunities: For older toddlers, movies can be a starting point for discussions. Parents can ask simple questions about the story, characters, or colours, fostering communication skills.

Introduction to Morals and Values

  • Life Lessons: Many Disney movies come with underlying morals, whether it’s the importance of honesty in “Pinocchio” or the value of perseverance in “The Little Mermaid.”
  • Cultural Awareness: Movies like “Mulan” or “Moana” introduce babies to different cultures, traditions, and landscapes, broadening their horizons from a young age.

Boosting Imagination and Creativity

  • World of Fantasy: From flying carpets to talking animals, Disney movies open the doors to a world of imagination, encouraging babies to dream and think creatively.
  • Role Play and Imitation: After watching a movie, babies and toddlers might imitate characters, sing songs, or enact scenes, which is a great way to enhance their imaginative play.
introducing Disney movies to babies

Tips for Introducing Disney Movies to Babies

While Disney movies offer a plethora of benefits, it’s essential to ensure that the viewing experience is tailored to suit the unique needs and sensitivities of babies. Here are some tips to make the most of movie time:

Choose the Right Time of Day

  • Observing Patterns: Every baby has specific times when they’re more alert and receptive. Choose a time when your baby is neither too sleepy nor too energetic.
  • Post-Activity Wind Down: After a play session can be an ideal time, as the movie can serve as a relaxing transition to naptime.

Keep the Volume at a Comfortable Level

  • Avoiding Overstimulation: Babies have sensitive ears, so ensure the volume is not too loud. It should be audible but gentle to prevent any discomfort.
  • Background Noise: If you’re in a noisy environment, consider using headphones designed for babies or moving to a quieter room.

Take Breaks and Avoid Long Viewing Sessions

  • Attention Span: Babies have a short attention span. It’s okay if they don’t watch an entire movie in one go. Break it down into segments if needed.
  • Interactive Breaks: Pause the movie occasionally to engage with your baby, ask questions, or simply play for a bit before resuming.

Ensure a Safe Viewing Distance

  • Eye Health: Keep a safe distance between the screen and your baby’s eyes. Ideally, the screen should be at least five times the width of the screen away from the viewer.
  • Angle of Viewing: Ensure the screen is at eye level so your baby doesn’t have to look up or down, which can strain their neck and eyes.

Engage and Interact During the Movie

  • Discussion: Talk about what’s happening on the screen. Point out characters, colours, and actions. This can be educational and enhance their understanding.
  • Sing Along: If there’s a catchy song playing, sing along! Encourage your baby to join in with claps or simple dance moves.

Monitor Reactions and Preferences

  • Observing Reactions: Every baby is different. Some might love the vibrant scenes of “Finding Nemo,” while others might prefer the calmness of “Winnie the Pooh.” Pay attention to what resonates with your baby.
  • Avoiding Scary Scenes: While Disney movies are generally baby-friendly, some scenes might be intense for very young viewers. Be ready to skip or fast-forward if needed

Other Disney Products for Babies

Disney’s magic isn’t limited to just movies. Over the years, the brand has expanded its offerings to cater to its youngest fans in various ways. Here’s a look at some other Disney resources that can enchant and educate your baby:

Disney-Themed Toys

  • Plush Toys: Soft, cuddly versions of beloved characters like Mickey Mouse, Simba, or Elsa can be a baby’s favourite companion during playtime or bedtime.
  • Interactive Toys: Toys that sing, dance, or light up, featuring Disney characters, can be both entertaining and educational, aiding in sensory development.

Disney Books

Disney Lullabies and Soundtracks

  • Calming Tunes: Disney lullabies, reimagined versions of classic songs, can soothe babies and help them drift into a peaceful sleep.
  • Engaging Rhythms: Soundtracks from favourite movies can be played during playtime, encouraging babies to recognize tunes and even dance along.

Disney Baby Clothing and Accessories

Disney Parks and Experiences

  • Baby-Friendly Attractions: If you’re considering a trip to a Disney park, there are numerous baby-friendly attractions and experiences designed with the youngest visitors in mind.
  • Character Meet and Greets: Meeting beloved characters in real life can be a memorable experience for toddlers, though it’s essential to gauge their comfort level.

Wrapping Up The 10 Best Disney Movies For Babies

The enchanting world of Disney has been a cornerstone of childhood for generations. Its timeless tales, vibrant animations, and memorable melodies have a unique way of resonating with audiences of all ages, especially the youngest ones. Disney movies offer more than just entertainment for babies; they provide a gateway to a world of imagination, learning, and emotional development.

However, as with all things, moderation is key. While Disney movies can be a delightful addition to a baby’s routine, it’s essential to ensure that screen time is balanced with other activities and interactions. By choosing the right movies, engaging with our little ones during viewings, and incorporating the magic of Disney into various aspects of their lives, we can create cherished memories and lay the foundation for a lifelong love of storytelling.

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