21 Ways For Kids To Make Money In Canada

By Chad Montgomery
ways for kids to make money

Financial literacy is a critical life skill that’s often not covered enough in traditional education. Kids earning and managing their own money is an effective and practical way to introduce them to the concepts of finance, work, and independence. In Canada, there are numerous opportunities available for kids to start their own small-scale ventures, fostering a sense of responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind the laws and regulations surrounding child labour to ensure all activities are legal and safe. The minimum working age varies from province to province, so parents and kids should familiarize themselves with local labour laws before starting any money-making endeavour.

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Why Kids Should Start Earning Money

Inculcating the habit of earning money from a young age is incredibly beneficial for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it fosters a sense of financial literacy. By earning their own money, kids learn the value of a dollar and start understanding how financial transactions work. This can pave the way for sound financial decisions in the future.

Second, it instills a strong work ethic. Children learn that money is earned and not just given. This can be a powerful motivator for them to work hard in their future careers. They also learn about professionalism and the sense of satisfaction that comes from a job well done.

Lastly, earning money builds independence and confidence in kids. They start realizing that they have the ability to make their own money, and this can be an empowering experience. They’re no longer solely dependent on their parents for money, which can lead to improved decision-making skills and an increased sense of responsibility.

In the following sections, we’ll explore some creative and practical ways for kids to make money in Canada, keeping in mind their skills, safety, and local laws and regulations.

Ways Kids Can Make Money in Canada

Children in Canada have a range of options for earning money, from traditional methods like babysitting to more contemporary opportunities afforded by the internet.

1. Babysitting Services

Babysitting is a classic way for kids, especially teenagers, to earn money. It’s a serious responsibility, as parents are entrusting their precious ones into your care. Canada offers babysitting courses through organizations like the Canadian Red Cross that can provide valuable training and certification. After being certified, kids can find babysitting jobs within their neighbourhood or through online platforms like Care.com.

2. Dog Walking or Pet Sitting

For animal-loving kids, dog walking or pet sitting can be an enjoyable way to earn money. Skills like reliability, responsibility, and an understanding of animal behaviour are essential. Kids can find these jobs in their local communities or through online services like Rover, which connects pet owners with caregivers in Canada.

3. Tutoring or Teaching a Skill

If a child excels in a subject or has a particular skill, they can consider tutoring other kids or teaching their skills. This could range from academics to music lessons, sports coaching, or art classes. They can advertise their services at school, local community centres, or online platforms like Kijiji.

4. Doing Yard Work for Neighbors

Many neighbours would appreciate the help of a willing child to shovel snow in winter, rake leaves in the fall, or mow the lawn in summer. Safety should always be a priority, and children should be equipped with proper safety gear.

selling crafts or homemade goods

5. Selling Crafts or Homemade Goods

Creative kids might enjoy making and selling crafts or homemade goods. These could include jewelry, greeting cards, baked goods, or even digital designs. Kids can sell their products at local markets, through social media, or through online marketplaces like Etsy.

6. Online Jobs for Kids

With the rise of the digital age, there are several online opportunities for kids to earn money. They can start a blog or a YouTube channel on a topic they’re passionate about. Kids can also take part in paid online surveys or write reviews for money on various websites that accept Canadian participants.

7. Running a Lemonade Stand or Bake Sale

This is a classic money-making method for kids during warmer months. It teaches kids about setting up a business, handling money, and customer service. Bake sales are also popular and can be done year-round. With the necessary permissions, these stands can be set up in local parks, community events, or even their front yard.

8. Collecting and Returning Bottles and Cans

In several provinces in Canada, kids can make money by collecting and returning empty bottles and cans. Not only does this help them earn money, but it also teaches them about recycling and environmental responsibility.

9. Selling Used Items

Kids can declutter their rooms and sell toys, books, and clothes they no longer use. They can sell these items at a yard sale or online platforms like Kijiji, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace.

Seasonal Jobs

10. Seasonal Jobs

Depending on the time of year, kids can earn money by shovelling snow, setting up holiday decorations, or even helping with spring cleaning tasks. These jobs often don’t require specific skills and can be found in their local neighbourhood.

11. Participating in Market Research

Some market research companies offer paid surveys or product testing to gather consumer opinions, including those of kids and teenagers. Companies like Swagbucks, Toluna, or Survey Junkie have options for Canadians.

12. Starting a Plant Care or Gardening Service

For kids with a green thumb, starting a plant care or gardening service can be a great way to make money. This could include watering plants for vacationing neighbours, weeding gardens, or even selling home-grown vegetables or flowers.

13. Washing Cars

Kids can offer car washing services in their community. This can be a fun and active way to make money, especially during the warmer months.

14. Paper Route

Delivering newspapers is a traditional job for kids that can help them earn a regular income. It teaches responsibility and commitment, as papers need to be delivered early in the morning and typically seven days a week.

Assisting Elderly or Disabled Neighbors

15. Assisting Elderly or Disabled Neighbors

Elderly or disabled neighbours often need assistance with various tasks around the house like cleaning, shopping, or gardening. Kids can offer their help and earn money while also contributing positively to their community.

16. Selling Photos Online

Kids who enjoy photography might consider selling their photos online. Websites like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock allow users to sell their photos and earn a commission whenever someone downloads them.

17. House Sitting

When neighbours are away, kids can offer to take care of their homes. This might include watering plants, collecting mail, feeding pets, or simply ensuring everything is in order.

18. Offering Tech Help

In today’s digital world, tech-savvy kids can offer their skills to those less familiar with technology. This might include teaching elders how to use their smartphones, setting up new devices, or troubleshooting common tech issues.

19. Making and Selling Homemade Videos

Kids can create interesting video content and upload it to platforms like YouTube. Once they gain enough followers, they can start earning money through ad revenue. They could make videos about a hobby, tutorials, video game playthroughs, or product reviews.

20. Creating and Selling Digital Art

For creative kids, making and selling digital art could be an excellent way to earn money. There are numerous online platforms, like Etsy or DeviantArt, where they can sell their artwork.

21. Recycling Scrap Metal

Collecting and selling scrap metal can be a profitable venture. Kids can collect discarded metal and sell it to a local scrap yard or recycling centre.

Remember that the age, interests, and abilities of the child should be taken into consideration when choosing a money-making activity. It’s also important to supervise and ensure the safety of the child while they’re working. Also, be sure to help your children ensure any ideas conform to local laws and regulations.

Essential Skills for Kids to Make Money

Regardless of the method chosen to earn money, certain skills will greatly aid in a child’s success. These skills not only help them in their present endeavours but also serve as fundamental competencies for their future careers.


Communication is a fundamental skill in virtually every facet of life, and making money is no exception. Whether kids are offering babysitting services, selling crafts, or teaching a skill, the ability to articulate their services effectively, negotiate their rates, and understand the needs of their clients is crucial. Good communication helps foster strong relationships and ensures customer satisfaction.


Responsibility is another key skill. Earning money often comes with obligations, be it taking care of a pet, delivering a product on time, or tutoring a fellow student. A high level of responsibility ensures trust and repeat business. It teaches kids the importance of commitment and honouring their word.

Time Management

Time management skills are crucial, especially for kids who have to juggle school, hobbies, and money-making activities. Balancing multiple responsibilities can be a valuable lesson in prioritizing tasks, setting schedules, and managing time effectively — skills that will be beneficial throughout life.

Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Creativity and Entrepreneurship are other important skills that can help kids think outside the box and identify unique opportunities to make money. Whether it’s crafting a unique selling proposition for their services, creating captivating crafts, or finding innovative solutions to problems, creativity is an invaluable skill in any money-making venture.

Financial Management

Financial Management skills are also essential. Earning money provides an excellent opportunity for kids to learn about saving, budgeting, and spending wisely. It’s the first step towards financial literacy, teaching them about the value of money, and the importance of managing it responsibly.

How Parents Can Support Their Kids in Making Money

How Parents Can Support Their Kids in Making Money

Parents play a pivotal role in their children’s venture into making money. Here’s how they can provide guidance and support.

Guide Them Through the Process

Parents can help their children understand the basics of earning money, such as setting fair prices for their services or products, managing their earnings, and understanding any tax implications. They can also help them navigate the process of finding work, such as crafting a compelling advertisement for their services or preparing for a babysitting interview.

Teach Them About Managing Earnings

Once kids start making money, it’s a great time to introduce them to basic financial concepts like saving, budgeting, and investing. This could include helping them open a youth bank account, teaching them to set aside a portion of their earnings for savings, and explaining the basics of interest and investments.

Monitor Their Safety and Wellbeing

While earning money can be an exciting venture for kids, their safety and well-being should always come first. This includes ensuring the work they’re doing is age-appropriate, they’re not being taken advantage of, and they’re balancing their time effectively to avoid burnout. Online safety is especially important if they’re using digital platforms to earn money or market their services.

Wrapping Up Ways for Kids To Make Money In Canada

There are numerous ways for kids to make money in Canada that not only provide them with extra pocket money but also teach them valuable life skills. From traditional jobs like babysitting and yard work to creative endeavours like selling homemade crafts and digital work, the opportunities are vast and varied. The key is to find something that aligns with their interests and capabilities, and that they’ll enjoy doing.

In helping kids earn their own money, we’re equipping them with a sense of responsibility, independence, and financial literacy. These are invaluable skills that they’ll carry with them into adulthood, setting the foundation for future success and financial stability.

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So, kids, why not try out one or more of these money-making ideas? Start your journey towards financial independence and learn some valuable life skills along the way. And parents, we’d love to hear from you. How have you supported your kids in earning money? Do you have other ideas that work well in Canada? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below!

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