10 Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free In Canada

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where kids eat free in Canada

With the family-friendly culture of Canada, it’s no surprise that there are several restaurants across the country offering discounted or kids eat free meals. This guide will help you navigate the best deals so you can make the most of your family dining experiences.

Obviously, these offers are all subject to any time. Neither the restaurants nor Parent Intel is liable for any of these free or discounted meals no longer being offered. Please call ahead to confirm with your local restaurant.

1. Denny’s: A Comfort Food Paradise

Denny’s is a well-known establishment that dishes out classic breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. They offer a compelling deal where kids eat free on Tuesdays from 4 PM to 10 PM. With the purchase of one adult entrée, you can score up to two free kids’ meals.

2. Montana’s: Rustic Atmosphere and Hearty Meals

At Montana’s, kids eat free on their birthdays. When you join Montana’s Kids Club, children can enjoy a free meal on their birthday and the rustic ambience and the robust menu make it an ideal spot for a family dinner.

3. Swiss Chalet: Rotisserie Specialties and More

Swiss Chalet, a Canadian staple known for its rotisserie chicken, also has a fantastic deal for families. Their kids eat free offer is up to the individual franchisee’s decision but typically kids eat free up to age 10 on their birthday, providing another great option for a family-friendly dining experience.

4. Ikea: Affordable Home Furnishings and Free Baby Food

Known for its affordable and stylish furniture, Ikea also extends its care to its littlest visitors by offering free baby food with any adult meal. Now you can plan your home makeover while also taking care of mealtime.

5. East Side Mario’s: Italian Cuisine for the Family

For those craving Italian food, East Side Mario’s offers kids’ meals at a discounted rate of $2 on Tuesdays. Plus, members of the Mini Mario Club can enjoy five free kids’ meals and five free chillers. Now that’s an offer hard to resist!

kids eat free canada

6. Red Robin: An Unbeatable Blend of Burgers and Deals

For families who are fans of gourmet burgers, Red Robin stands as an exciting dining option. Not only do they offer a plethora of mouth-watering burger varieties, but they also present irresistible deals for children. Every Wednesday, Red Robin offers a special 50% off deal on kids’ meals, making midweek dining much more affordable for families.

Red Robin loves to join in on birthday festivities by offering a free sundae to birthday boys and girls. Whether you’re marking a special occasion or simply craving a juicy burger on a Wednesday night, Red Robin is a fantastic spot that keeps both taste buds and wallets satisfied.

7. IHOP: Birthday Pancake Bonanza

Celebrate your child’s birthday with a bang at IHOP. IHOP offers a free meal to the birthday boy or girl – a deal that can make their special day even more memorable. You do need to be signed up for their rewards program to get the free pancakes.

8. Boston Pizza: Delicious Pizza and Fun for Kids

Boston Pizza’s menu is a hit with children and adults alike. With their kid’s meal, children not only get to choose from a variety of delicious dishes but also receive an activity pack and a free sundae. The perfect combination to keep the kids happy and entertained throughout the meal!

You also get a two-topping pizza for your first anniversary with their rewards program and a free Bandera pizza bread for signing up.

9. Smitty’s: Meals and Toys – The Ultimate Combo

Smitty’s brings an extra layer of excitement to dining with their Kid’s Toy Club. Not only do kids’ meals come with a drink and a dessert, but also, if you join the Kid’s Toy Club, children receive a free toy after six visits. This delightful offer is sure to make your kids look forward to every meal at Smitty’s.

10. Lone Star Texas Grill: Birthday Treats

Birthdays are made even more special at Lone Star Texas Grill. Offering a free kid’s meal on their birthday for kids 12 or younger, the Bronco Billy Birthday Club is an offer that is sure to bring a smile to any birthday child’s face.

In conclusion, Canada is teeming with restaurants offering fantastic deals for families. From free meals to discounted prices and extra perks, these eateries understand the importance of providing a budget-friendly, enjoyable dining experience for both adults and kids. Always remember to check with the restaurant about the current status of these offers before you visit, as deals can change or vary by location. Enjoy exploring these family-friendly dining options and bon appétit!

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